Are my Eneloops genuine?

Hello everyone,

Well, my Eneloops, cheap NiMHs, and cheap charger arrived from China in pretty good time, three weeks exactly to South America. But what do think about these Eneloops? Are they genuine?

And what about my charger? Do you think it's a genuine POWER charger? It's "Omnipotent" too, which means "All-powerful". :bigsmile:

From the Sanyo HK website, the packaging looks very similar but not identical for the product code,

The usual giveaway is misspellings on the packaging or battery like the "genuine" Panasonic CR123s I got on eBay which say "Matsushita Elestric Industrial Co."

If you have eyes the age of mine, use a magnifier to check for typos in the small print. I'll put up some pics of my known genuine Eneloops for comparison though minor changes may have happened in the two or so years since I bought them.

On the battery one of the lines says "Do not dispose of in fire nor short-circuit". The "nor" sounds a bit odd to me. I would put "or".

The light box and the tripod are somewhere in the trunk of the car just now so here are some not great pics to be going on with. the flash has not made them easier to see.

There are 4 vents at 90 degrees apart at the base of the +ve button, though i think I read on CPF that there were some with three vents instead but I can never find stuff on CPF these days. A quick look through the "Flashlight Electronics Batteries Included" section should give some answers with any luck.

About the charger, not a clue.

"Nor" is more grammatically correct even if I'd use "or" too.

Comparing my cells to what don has mine are the exact same except mine says HR6......and i have had these cells over 5 years now, bought them at wallmart when you could get it ther.

Hmmm, thanks for the pics Don! Mine are "Size AA HR6", I'm not sure why that is different from yours. And the precautions bullet points are in a paragraph instead of aligned in a list, as this terrible picture kind of shows:

Thanks Al. Do yours have the precautions written in a paragraph with bullet points or in a bullet list?

The R6 is AFAIK the ISO designation for that size of cell (Actually the IEC is the standards body - the International Electrotechnical Commission AFAIR) - it may be that the ANSI standard is different. Turns out I'm not entirely right on this - at least according to the source of all that is apocryphal. The ANSI name as far as I can figure out from a poorly written article is 15H. The HR may be for the part of the world that goes by ANSI instead of IEC.

R6 is the size of the cell - the H prefix means NiMH rechargeable. So both R6 and HR6 are correct though HR6 is more correct. I suspect a typo in the Wiki as it says the H should be a suffix which would make the proper name R6H. Actually as it is in Wikipedia I'd need signed statements from three known expert witnesses before I'd necessarily believe that water is wet.

All of mine look exactly like yours sb56637 and they all have been purchased at Thomas Dist. no earlier than Dec. 2009 so it looks like all of your eneloops are all legit.

What is the date code or yours?

Sweet, thanks!

Sorry, where is the datecode?

Heres mine....Sanyo must have changed the label at some point or another.......Yes my cells have been through hell and back, what did you expect from 5 years of use. And this is what happens when you force the cells into a tight fitting tube made for alkalines.

You will find that on the seem....your going to have to hold the cell right next to a light so you can see it since its basically pressed into the label.

It's normally underneath the paragraph but it's not in colored print. It's stamped on there so you need a magnifying glass and the right angle to see it. Here are a few of mine:

09-07TK (Jul. 2009)

09-0610 (Jun. 2009)

09-07TG (Jul. 2009)

Ahh, I found it. 09-09S

So yours is September 2009

Cool, it looks like they're genuine then. I got them from this seller on eBay.

08-02RT mostly with some


Not bad a price indeed.....very good in fact. So how do you like them man...have you used it yet.