are tenergy 2600ma 18650's rebranded sanyos?

To me they look identical except for the wrapper.

Post a detailed picture, if possible take the wrapper/cover/sleeve away to expose the cell itself. Sanyo’s are stamped on their sleeve, maybe some stuff printed on the metal cell itself?

If you can see the colors of the underlying Sanyo cell post them or check the recent 2800mAh ZT thread for the color code table.

2600mAh should be an FM with teal blue ring on the top and battery covered in a red sleeve. If your battery is protected then there is another sleeve to cover this original packaging unless they get the raw cells from Sanyo. Then good luck figuring that out if it’s not printed on the cell itself.

Sorry but I can’t post pictures from my cellphone. I did however peel a wrapper from one of my batteries. It isn’t marked in any way. The plastic ring on the positive and is black, not teal. But they do look very very similar. I did notice that this battery has a waxy feel to it underneath the wrapper and also has the faint smell of nail polish remover. I bought these from a liquidator on ebay from a link that I found on this site over a year ago. Does it sound like the batteries are leaking?

Becareful with those. I think the story is that those batteries were recovered from a warehouse fire and while most of them were in good shape, some of them were not.

I have had some too for over a year and they have been great for me, but I also wouldn't hesitate to drop them the hazardous waste bin at the first sign of trouble.

No ...There is no way they are Sanyos .. The construction of them is totally different and they say made in china right on them . Pretty sure Sanyo has no chinese plants . Sanyo is made in Japan .

I found the tenergy about the best I've ever seen made in china so my thought was DG ?? Maybe whatever chinese cells keeppower is using ?

If a battery or a flashlight smells like chemicals I assume the battery has vented and I'd want to keep an eye on it and figure out why ..?? Are you running a single set-up or dual/ multiple batteries ?

The battery was fine until I pealed the wrapping off. It was slightly gooey like a waxy film. Slight smell of acetone. Maybe my imagination. I’m going to Peel them all including the ones I shrink wrapped myself. They have been great cells. I haven’t had any problems at all with them. When I got them, they were like brand new and didn’t smell like smoke or anything so I am assuming I got the good part of the batch. I’ll keep you guys advised of my findings. Worst case scenario is I have to buy new cells! BTW, I’ve used them in single cell lights but a have a wallbuys small sun on the way.

Does your heatsink wrap have anything in it ? glue ??

I thought I saw fasttech said theirs had adhesive ??

it does ..mmm

No. Mine isn’t adhesive lined. Remember, it was the factory wrapped battery with the issue. I’m at work work right now so the only battery I have access to is the factory wrapped tenergy I have in my l2. No funny smell coming from it. But my partner is looking at me funny for sniffing my flashlight. He says we are “an odd bunch!” LOL