Are there AA lithium batteries but with 1.5v.?

Hi, I’d like to know if exist rechargeable lithium batteries with same size of AA batteries and with 1.5v ((voltage). I know there are with 3.7v. only. Thanks

Theres LifePo4 that are 3volt and the regular 3.7 volt rechargeables.

Nimh batteries are 1.2 volts, Eneloops are really good quality and are what I use when 3+ volts is too much. Nimh don’t leak like alkalines will.

What do you mean precisely please?

No, but if you need rechargeable batteries with a voltage of 1.5 ish then you can get NiZn batteries.

Alkalines if left in a flashlight for over a year, or run completely down will leak, potentially ruining the flashlight or other electrical device. Nimh, Nizn and Lithium batteries don’t leak when depleted.

They don't always leak but it does happen fairly often as long as you don't leave alkalines in it for a long time you will be fine.

Are they better than Eneloops Nimh batteries? What a pity, I cannot charge them with a Nimh or lithium charger.

They have a lower capacity and will self discharge.In that way they are worse. The advantage is the higher voltage.

Eneloops are environmental friendly. nuff said! Adriano! time to sign up for the intellicharge i4 group buy: