Are there any Autoterm Planar Diesel Air Heater users here

The Autoterm Planar diesel air heater is much like the Webasto and Espar/Eberspacher diesel air heaters but is made in Russia and sells for less than the German brands. There are also innumerable Chinese variants for sale at extremely low prices, but like really cheap flashlights they often have problems and can end up not being worth the hassles of keeping them operating.

FYI, here is a link to a seller in Russia where you can see what it is I am talking about.

Just wondering if any members here have any experience with the Planar.

have not tried that one
I lived with an Airtronix D2 for a while… in a VW Van

here is the cliff notes version
they are noisy, more on the outside exhaust, than inside, which can slow down to a wonderful warm whisper
I do recommend the muffler for outside,

I never had a reliable stable heat source experience from it.
When I needed heat most, it failed me. I resorted to hugging a nalgene bottle full of boiled water.

would I do it again… meh
would I use a Heater Buddy instead, nope, they dont smell good at altitude (above 7000’)

Besides hot water bottles, I liked my Coleman Catalytic heaters best. Never failed me.

never really heard of any other make other then Webasto and eberspracher

we use webasto here in finland a lot

but on my car i have a defa make heater, its electric and heats either the engine block oil pan or the cooling fluid system to open the thermstat

my wife uses a webasto and has a key fob that has a distance of 1 km

cant go wrong with a well know make , repairs and servicing etc