Are there any MUST HAVE lights out there that I need to add to my collection?

And don’t forget the pig light while your at it.

I forgot about that. I will definitely have too change it.

:slight_smile: I made it a PNG, I don’t think it lengthened my post either.

anyone without a zebralight sc600 is missing out…you should add one to your collection

@-JOE-: You should use PNG, JPGs always look a little strange.

Advice taken. Much better resolution now. :slight_smile:

Any other lights out there that I am over looking and haven’t been mentioned yet?

Yep, now it looks great. :)

Two lights I would want are UF T50 and Skyray King, but those were mentioned already, so.. :)

I got the aluminum version second hand, so it was under $300 :wink:

Not sure where you heard there was a donut hole in the King. Mine has none and I’ve not heard from the hundreds of other owners that theirs has it either.

I noticed it here.

There's no donut hole from my king. I think you're looking at the light bounce in that picture. The real beam is aimed at the ground.

See filtered version showing highest luminance - that's where the aim was. No donut.