Are there any MUST HAVE lights out there that I need to add to my collection?

I finally updated my list of lights and I was wondering if there are any great lights that I simply “need to have” in my collection?

Thrunite TI
Zebralight H51f

Xeno E03 or S3A
Jetbeam PA40 or Fenix LD41
and something with infinitely-adjustable brightness.

What are your EDC lights (in rotation)?

Definitely a zebralight headlamp… IMHO no flashlight collection is complete without one.

Yes. 4072.

A zebralight, maybe a really tiny pendant light… neutrals.

Just wait a few weeks, I’m sure there is bound to be some :wink:

Keygos KE-5. Definitely.

Roche f11

UltraFire HD2010

HDS120 hi cri XPG, Sunwayman V11r, Fenix TK70, McGismo Mule, Thrunite Ti, PALight, Surefire A2L, Zebralight Sc600w, 4sevens Preon PO :wink:

DQG III, Skyray King, Balder SE-1.

At least those.. :)

UltraFire UF-T50, JetBeam BC40, Shadow JM07 Pro

Too many to list…

Thats quite a budget! :open_mouth:

Skyray King, bud…Skyray King.

I was hesitant to recommend a multi-XML flooder because he already has the TR-3T6. But since were at it… may as well add a TR-J12 or Apex 5T6 !!

Yeah, the format is so different that the King is a must have legend. Even more so than the Apex due to the side switch and that the King still out throws the Apex. Just better all around! :wink:

The King has been on my list for a while. However after looking at beamshots it seems to have a slight donut in the middle. I also wish it were in black even though the gold would probably grow on me after a while. It would go great with my DRY, UF-T70, and TR-J12 as well.

Something that would be great when listing suggestions is a comparison to a light that I own, if possible. For example _ is has more flood, more throw, better build, etc. than your_.

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far! I have picked a handful that I really would like to have.

I haven't noticed any donut hole in the King real life / beamshots. See for example this ~100m beamshot (mouse over for King, out for control):

And King has a side clicky, unlike your ______. :)

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