Are there any single 26650 lights with XHP70.2/50.2 with a side switch?

With a decent size head…. like a manker u21/utorch ut02.


Klarus G20L maybe?

Haikelite MT01

Although the Acebeam L30 is only a 20700 battery it is a great light all around.

All great suggestions. I actually have the mt01and klarus g20 not the L model.
I forgot to mention , smooth reflector. I know you can expect much throw with these emitters, but I’m actually quite happy with my convoy l6 with smo reflector and fet driver.
If it was there was a single cell tube for it, perfect. But there isn’t. Which is why I’m creating this thread.
Any others out there…?

Pretty nice, but head is not big enough.

Eagletac TX3G Pro:

What about this tube: L6/L2 short tube

Holy smokes! I did not know there was a shorty tube for the l2 and l6! I needa check if my light’s driver will work with a singe 26650.

You can run 2-26350’s but not a single cell on the stock driver.

can someone tell me what a FET driver is? im a noob but dont want to open up a new thread for the question. sorry, dont mean to sidetrack thread, forgive me OP

MOSFET is a component which switches the battery directly to the LED, so the current is an equasion of LED voltage and how much the battery can deliver at that voltage

So you have to select LED and batteries to stay within safe currents

Dang too bad they didn’t make a short tube in the silver color. I have the silver l6.

I’ve been wondering why there aren’t more single EDC 26650 lights out there. So many 18650’s. That extra capacity makes a 26650 light much more useful.

I’d love to squeeze two 26350s in there and still get the voltage you’d need for the emitters. Mtn has them and they’re 35.2mm long. About the length of a protected 26650. Way less selection in battery types though.

I have the Imalent DN70 and really like it! On board charging! OLED status screen. It comes with a 26650 battery as well. I got mine with a code from Trevi for $50!! It’s a remarkable little palm size light.
Klarus G20 is a great palm size floody light!
A budget option is the Kaidomain C8.2 with XHP 50.2. It is standard with tail switch control only but it’s under $30 shipped (normal price with no codes). I have many KD lights and find them excellent quality!
Slightly larger and with the XHP35 instead of 50/70 are the Manker U21 and the Utorch UT02. Throwers not floody though…

I own all of these lights and can HIGHLY recommend any of them.

There’s a cheap single 26650 side switch XHP70 light on AliExpress somewhere.

Let’s see if i can find it.



or this Klarus with 18% off atm:

(edit) ah, you asked for .2 versions… sorry…
(edit2)…and a decent sized head… :person_facepalming: never mind then…

I already have the kaidomain 50.2. It’s a decent light. But orange peel reflector, so not the throw I’m lookin for. U torch and manker u21 has the throw but not the lumens.

So I ended ordering a short tube and smooth reflector for my l6 and it kicks ass.
It has a few driver so it’s doing around 7000 lumens and 175kcd. The head is quite larger than I was wanting, but it should do for now.

The Fitorch P26R is a nice 26650 light and there is good coupons around for it too. OP reflector though