Are there any TIR available for the Convoy T3?

So, I’ve put 60 degree TIR in my S2+ and S21A lights to make them floodier. Just curious if anyone has located any for the T3.

A few days ago I was wondering the same thing and did some digging. Someone suggested getting the one of the TIR offerings for the S2+ and sanding it down to fit.

It would be really nice to have a 60 degree pebble optic inside a 519a T3.

Sanding down the S2+ TIR’s is all I’ve ever done and it works great. They’re cheap enough if you go too far and have to do another. Making sure to go a little at a time and evenly distribute the sanding around the circumference so as to keep as close to round as possible. This way you keep the led centered as best as possible. I’ve also done this for a Sofirn SP10 with excellent results.