Are these Samsung 35E Real or Fake ?

Heya guys, I’m new here!

I bought a battery pack for my scoot from one guy and he sent me this picture, where it shows Samsung 35E batteries.

I tried to lookup the identification number KK1T on batterybro but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to go through

Any help & suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

If you believe this Ukrainian site:

Samsung SDI batteries, which at the end of the production date have the letter T, are produced at the factory in the city of Tianjin and have a marking that differs from the labeling of other SDI batteries.

Samsung SDI batteries consist of 3 lines. The production date is encrypted in the first three symbols of this line.
Battery release date 18650 Samsung SDI with the letter T. The first letter denotes the year of release of the battery:

I - 2018
J - 2019
K - 2020
L - 2021

The second letter indicates the month of release of the battery:

D is January
E - February
F - March
G - April
H - May
I - June
J - July
K - August
L - September
M -October
N - November
O - December

The third digit indicates the week of the battery-from the 1st to the 5th.

That should explain my confusion.
Thank you !