Are these true 1000mah 14500 lions

I found these on Aliexpress and I don’t believe they are as I thought Sanyo was the highest capacity 14500 with 840 mah any how here is the link and please let me know what you all think:2015 Odepro 2pcs 14500 Rechargeable Battery 1000mAh With PCB For Led Flashlight 3.7V Lithium Batteries
(from AliExpress Android)

Would love to be wrong, and usually am :bigsmile: but no. At the very best it’s the sanyo.

hoping now that Iam getting into smaller 14500/AAA sized lights ie …nitecore ec11 mt10a well thanks for the input

I was hoping against all hope it would be now that Iam getting into the 14500/AA sized lights line the nitecore MT10A and EC11.

At least carrying 14500 spares does not take up too much room! I would like to see better smaller LiIon batteries like the 14500, 18350’s etc. They could have better energy density, but don’t due to the “smaller” volume compared to 18650’s…

a few big lights that run on 26550, multiple 18650s but the new technology and hi output of the new 14500s and 18350,16340s have my interest