are these worth buying

i can get batteries from my work for nothing 9 Volt 6 LED Pocket Flashlight FLD-12667 my work services security door locks systems as well as anything else that will make them money

some of the Lock's have a battery backup and the batteries are changed on servicing there are boxes of these and other batteries that just get sent away to be disposed of but most still have lots of life left in them

I'd reckon they are worth it - you can make your own but these look neater. They can run for a very long time even with near-dead cells.

Since you can get the batteries for free, I'd certainly give one a try. Wonder if they would work with batteries once my meters start complaining.

I definitely want to hear how you get on with one if you decide to buy one.

Interesting. I have some Nichia GS and a dozen of 5 mm warm white leds. One row of GS and one row of warm white... but only if the head is easy to open.

ordered 2 from e-bay HK £2.99 each

now the long wait for the ultra slow postal services to do there work

That's pretty cool how the 9v battery becomes the body of the flashlight. The 9v battery thing would be a deterent for me but since you have access to a bunch of them batteries (for as long as you work for that companyTongue out)--I'd say go for it also.

Good eye Barrie! I've been looking at that same item myself. Reminds me of the Paklite. I always used to want a Paklite, until I realized that in these parts 9V batteries are prohibitively expensive. But yes, if you can get them from your work or salvage them from a smoke detector, it's probably worth it.

Hi to all

my 2 lights arrived a few days back i am very happy with them and will be doing some run-time tests over the next few days

so far i have tried them on a few batteries of 4-9v at 9v down to around 6v there is a noticeable difference in hi and low (Hi-6 leds low- 2 leds)

below 6v there is not as big a difference to the eye between Hi and low the 2 leds burn brighter switch to Hi and you get 6 leds burning dimer with around the same light output

on the ceiling bounce test i guess around 15 lumen on low and 40-50 on Hi on a fresh eveready 9v zebra-light H31 and fenix L0D used for comparison i will let you know how i get on over the next few days

Hi i have been using this light over the last few days 20 hours of use give or take 15 mins

i have been using one of these lithium batts Product Details the cell is one of the salviged ones i got

starting voltage was 8.9v ( after 20 hours of use on full power 6 leds ) it is 8.3v with very little drop in light output

i think these would make good emegincy light to store around the place

i will carry on using it untill the light output has dropped and report back with the readings

little more expensive though.. but a decent backup. Although Id still rather leave a normal torch with a normal 16430, LSD NiMH around.