Are you calling me a Liar ???

„The one who speaks the truth needs a fast horse.“ (Chinese proverb)

I heard this on TV in reference to George Santos:

How much do you have to lie to be known as "the lying congressman"?

This is just one example for a straw man argument. The person using it is really saying: “I don’t care for your opinion.”

Assuming it’s a discussion with reasonable people (not hardcore right-wingers or anti-science types) …. It depends how you phrase the discussion. Nobody likes to be told they’re wrong. I’ll often lead the sentence with “in my mind….”, Or “for me…” or “do you not think XYZ….?” which takes the conflict out of the conversation.

Not a liar, just alternative facts.

Σήμερα είμαι πολύ χαρούμενος γιατί σε αγαπώ

Smilin’ faces sometimes tell lies. :sunglasses:

Ha! That actually describes perfectly the sort of reasoning that leads to arguments here. We have a very clear “no arguing” rule, but when requested to stop arguing the user invariably responds verbatim with that line from the T-shirt. And also: “I admit I was arguing, but the other user was wrong and I need to clear up the facts!” As far as the context of this forum goes I don’t care who or what is right or wrong, I simply don’t want to have to deal with arguments.

And going to back to Boaz’s point, yeah, it smacks of immaturity to recur to the “liar” label by default any time someone doesn’t agree with you or corrects you or you correct them. We would all benefit from a bit more humility and not always pontificating in absolute terms.

I’ve had some interesting conversations with very excitable people.
When confronted with “are you calling me a liar?”
I always respond…
“I don’t know you well enough to call you that, but I will say that we get our facts from different places.”

Maybe we all need to take a national refresher course on civility.

I do not do well with people who know it all and try to impose their will on me.

Sometimes It brings out my Character defects and I’m not always good at controlling them. I’m very direct and tell it like it is. Not always a good thing. With that said, I never called anybody a liar!

There’s an easier softer way.

Simple suggestions instead of the Iron Fist.

NOTHING is Black or White…there is Gray in between.

Some parts were edited to make me look bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is the “grey” anymore? Extremism is all the rage.

It’s on top of my head and in my winter time Husky walking beard! :sunglasses:

Me too, what’s left.

I’m guessing I’m in the top 10% as far as oldest people on here. I’ll be 63 in beginning of June.

Lunch time! I get up at 4:00 a.m. 4:30 at the latest. So lunch time comes a little earlier than the normal folk!

Things seem to be quite black and white lately.
Something is either the truth or a lie.
Half truths are lies too, they mislead more than blatant lies i.m.o.

Not that many people are liars or deceivers, but many people just believe and repeat what they hear, whether it is true, half true or untrue.
Our worldviews are based on what we’re convinced of, so we don’t like it when that is challenged or scrutinized.
Some people flip their lids when challenged, some will engage in discussion.
But we’re living in lid flipping times…

Yep, same here.

Ugh, unfortunately so true.

Stretching the truth counts as a lie?. I consider it embellishment.

well, you know, a “white” lie.

1. i like that sweater. (glad it is not mine)
2. no, you do not look fat. (you ARE fat)
3. you might feel a little sting. (might? little?)

I think one of the greatest problems with online interaction is that people usually behave as if these connections are just as real as in-person. And then, with so much of the in-person nuances of communication stripped away (voice intonation, body language, etc.), misinterpretations can easily result. And when someone misinterprets something as a form of disrespect, they get very defensive… and then offensive.

Also, there’s something about the “hidden” nature of online communication that lowers people’s thresholds. Whereas in personal company one would exercise restraint and reconsider what they perceive as a slight or disrespect, online they assume it immediately and lash out.

Civility seems to be given a very low priority these days, and almost considered being “weak.” The idea of presuming good faith upfront seems to be a rare thing. Meaning, you take something initially as a form of disrespect but assume that wasn’t the intention and seek clarification… rather than jumping the gun and firing off a volley of anger.

But yeah, as others have pointed out… the free flow of disinformation is such a problem these days. People are so quick to rely upon false information as if fact and then bank their entire stance on it, then invest their own personal grievances and grudges into it as well… which translates into hostility. If I find myself facing such a person, I just refuse to engage them.

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