Armytek Wizard C2 Pro (successor to the Wizard Pro V3)

Armytek Wizard C2 Pro is listed on

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Cree XHP50.2

White light: 2500 lumen
Warm light: 2330 lumen

It charges 2x faster than V3 per the info (3h40m). Comes with a bike mount in addition to what’s already included in V3. Slightly higher capacity battery and a much nicer looking charger.

Armytek Wizard C2 Pro info - pdf


Cree XHP50.2 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
9 regulated light modes + 3 Strobe
Hot Spot: Spill: 70 °: 120 °
With 18650 3500mAh battery and before 10% drop from initial value
Turbo 3: 2500 (LED Lumens) (OTF Lumens) (2h40) (650 Lumens after 30 seconds) range 131 meters
Turbo 2: 1750 ANSI Lumens (2h45) (650 Lumens after 2 min)
Turbo 1: 870 ANSI Lumens (2h50) (650 Lumens after 9 min)
Main 3: 370 ANSI Lumens (5h15)
Main 2: 160 ANSI Lumens (12:15)
Main 1: 45 ANSI Lumens (43h)
Moonlight 3: 6 ANSI Lumens (12 days)
Moonlight 2: 1.5 ANSI Lumen (40 days)
Moonlight 1: 0.15 ANSI Lumen (200 days)
Strob 1: 10Hz at 2,500 Lumens (5:45) (650 Lumens after 100 seconds)
Strob 2: 1Hz at 2500 Lumens (12h) (650 Lumens after 9 minutes)
Strob 3: 1Hz at 160 Lumens (55h)
Battery: 1 x 18650 3500mAh battery (included)
Charging time: 3h 40 minutes
Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy
Finish: Matte Black Color, Anti-scratch Hard Anodizing Type III 400HV
Operating temperature: –25 ° + 40 ° C
Dimension: 112mm (Length) x 33mm (head diameter) x 20.4mm (body diameter)
Weight: 65g (without battery and without headband) / 115g with battery
Waterproof according to the IP68 standard (10 meters for 5 hours)
Fall resistance 10 meters
10 year manufacturer warranty

Package contents:
Lamp Armytek Wizard (V4) C2 PRO
1 Armytek 18650 3500mAh battery
1 USB charging cable
1 Headband with rigid support
1 bike / MTB handlebar mount
1 belt clip
2 spare O-rings

Any word on CRI for the warm option? I love the warm xhp in my pro with its ~85CRI.

They say one of the benefits of working with Armytek is high profit margins, “over 100%” on the last page of that manual. We should do a “group buy” and just bulk order a bunch at cost

A volunteer! How nice :+1: :beer:

Whole last year we had 40% discounts more or less as a standard. Try negotiating something like 50, or 40 minimum.

Thanks, we believe in you!

Edit: Wiz C2 is suspicious. Will the next Tiara become a Wiz C1? I bet.

I bought 2 armytek headlamps… both died within a year.

I’ve had better luck with $8 Chinese headlamps.

Already got one :sunglasses:

What’s the difference between the new C2 Pro amd previous version besides the charging? Most important of all, how’s the tint and CRI?

The differences I have noticed so far:

- additional mode - turbo 3 (2500lm / 2330lm OTF)

- thermal protection set to 50*C (65*C in v3)

- a spring on the head side

- thicker spring at the bottom 1.25mm vs 1mm

  • fewer inscriptions and manufacturer markings

The tint reminds me Wizard WR warm - it’s rosy-peach. Duv is even lower than in my favourite XP-Ls Hi V2 5D.

Thanks for this useful information. Looking at your photos it looks as if new new design has a slightly longer tailcap (accounts for the increased length), different heat sinking, new button and a new font for graphics!

But the interesting thing is the bezel redesign - could you confirm that the inside diameter is larger, or is it the same?


The tube is 3mm longer, the tailcap is practically the same. v4’s bezel has 1mm bigger inner diameter.

so warmer than V3 XHP50?

DUV lower than V2 5D! Wow I wonder where they source all those rosy Cree emitters. I would love to buy just the emitters. Where did you buy yours from?

Thanks for confirming - I thought it looked larger. And as others have commented, news of the tint is interesting. My V3 Pro has IMHO a good tint, and I am now tempted by V4.

I like the sound of all these changes so far. In your other pictures it looks like it has a slightly larger button also.? Don’t know if I need “fire starter” mode but it can’t hurt much. I’ll only be tempted if it is at least as warm as the current “warm” and it sounds like the cri will be higher.

It looks like they slightly modified a Lumonite Compass R head. It already had a bigger bezel and button and spring in head. Armytek clearly makes the Lumonite L shaped lineup “from” Finland.

Here you have some new pics:

Thanks for the pics. Any beamshot comparisons? :slight_smile:

Where did you buy yours from?

Armytek should have increased the tube diameter IMO, to allow a 21700 cell to fit.

Will shoot some on Thursday. I have Wizard v3, Nichia, WR and some E21A mods to comparison, so stay tuned :wink:

Polish Armytek dealer has them on sale since Saturday.

The Four Horsemen: the new v4 C2 PRO, WR, Nichia 144A, Nichia E21A 4000K Clemence mod.