Armytek's most powerful multi flashlight

Let's start this week on a bright note and talk about Armytek's most powerful multi flashlight — WIZARD C2 PRO MAX

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Key features of the flashlight:


Cree XHP70.2 LED with an enlarged TIR lens gives the widest possible angles of light 110°:150°


New-generation electronics provides amazing light output of up to 4,000 lumens


The flashlight comes with 21700 Li-Ion 5000 mAh battery. Thanks to included battery adapter the flashlight also works on the common 18650 power supply

Are there any owners of this model?
Share your experience of use in the comments.

That is one nice light, thank you.

(vendor placed on member 'banned' list, see below)

Does this light come with acceptable warranty performance and not customers being screwed by your policies?

Thanks for that. I was wondering what you meant and found budget shipping (delivery of the purchase) is an additional $20, what I want is out of stock, warranty is with the owner paying shipping back to China, and the following thread/posts:


Similar in the threads: Horrible Experience with Armytek, ArmyTek Wizard WR

They seem to have made really good quality products, though recently it seems they fell victim to the LED shortage and shipped products with what LEDs they could easily get hold of, "sticking it to the customer." Well, tell you what, I'll pay more for a better product as you may know from the lights I own, but I will not deal with a company that is disreputable.

They used to charge a fair price for a great product (not so sure about that shipping charge though), which is right on the border of pro-sumer/professional use, so it's a sweet-spot in the market if the product is actually as advertised. However, it seems after contacting ArmyTek with no response BLF members came forward with legitimate issues--issues created by ArmyTek, and ArmyTek continued to ignore them. To me that appears willful, because any reputable company has a reputation they earned by standing behind their products and actions (that's self-evident, isn't it?). Therefore I cannot in good conscious purchase from them, which is too bad because ArmyTek has a unique line of products I could otherwise appreciate.

Good investigative work, i was not aware of some of those threads until now.
The two i was referencing are these, though you saw one already

Very Nice!
I’d love to review one.

We agree that warranty issues can be an extremely negative experience. However, issues related to the warranty are spelled out on our website: And we advise to follow the recommendations of our specialists and be more patient with each other.

Kindest regards,

Your track record of poor warranty service and hanging customers out to dry is well documented so a boiler plate answer is not going to cut it.

There are many links in this thread and according to a poster in another thread when people consider buying Armytek on reddit they are warned about the warranty games you play.

Warranty issues should not be a negative experience, they should be a positive one. There has been research over the years that customers don’t turn on companies because they had a warranty failure but they do when its a bad experience and they don’t get a satisfactory resolution. It has been shown that when warranty claims are handled well it in fact creates better customer loyalty then if the failure had not happened at all because the customer learns the company really has their back when there is an issue and are thus even more likely to recommend that company to the family and friends.

So these games and deflections are ridiculous.

The simple fact is that lights are tools. They need to perform as advertised EVERY SINGLE TIME they’re used. If they don’t and I didn’t do anything to cause the malfunction as a user the manufacturer better figure out a way to make it right at no extra cost to me. I’ve got a whole bunch of lights from a whole lot of different manufacturers from a whole lot of price ranges, and they all send out duds occasionally. Good manufacturers fix the problem, poor manufacturers hang their customer out to dry.

You can handle warranty issues however you like, but at the same time I can and will choose not to do business with a manufacturer that I know won’t take care of me if I have an issue with my purchase.

Replace the words "High CRI" with "Armytek."

(Don't mind me--I'm just making a silly joke.)

I’m not sure what part of the policy people would change. I’m sure that a lot of the complaints that they get are user error. It’s hard to weed them out through emails. You have to send the light in for warranty issues. Is that really different than most other flashlight manufacturers?


We receive a lot of letters about the fact that the flashlight does not work or does not charge. In fact, the client simply did not unscrew the tailcap of the flashlight. At the same time, some clients are very aggressive in their dialogue.
Therefore, we once again ask you to respect each other and if you do not receive a reply, duplicate your letters or use another communication channel.
In any case, you can write to us in private messages.

Best regards,

Did you mean tightened a tailcap? cuz if they did in fact unscrew it, like you suggest, that would result in not working or charging. due to an open circuit.

To charge our Wizard, you need to unscrew the tailcap for 1/4 of a circle and adjust the magnetic charger to the tailcap.
All information is available on our websites. However, many people, without reading the instructions, think that the flashlight is defective and it takes a lot of time to process such requests, at a time when assistance in real cases goes into the background.
Therefore, we ask once again, if you have any problem, you need to carefully read the instructions (in full format posted on official sites in several languages).
Do not disassemble the flashlight yourself.
If the support service does not respond to you, it is better to duplicate the letter or use another channel for communication, for example, you can write to us in private messages.


Can you guy prioritize 90 CRI on your Cree lights and use AR green coating to remove the green tint. Thank you.