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Hi all,

I couldn't find a thread amalgamating deals, discounts, reduced parts/products on Hope it is OK to post them in here going forward because unfortunately doesn't have a "wish list" or a way of easily combining items we are going to buy. Pricing can typically be observed via external sites (like octopart); but maybe we flashlight enthusiasts can all help each other in here in more efficient ways.

List of deals/discounts:

Enter code:
to take advantage of this limited time offer (15% off).
Offer is valid until:
Offer is valid until April 24, 2019 at 11:59pm *MT*
You may have to click via the email you have received to activate or use this coupon.
This code has worked before and has now been reported as expired.

Ongoing promotions/discount codes or deals:

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Enter code NEW19 at checkout to save 10% off your first order
Offer is valid until:
This deal is only for new customers and only for your first order.

Useful links for parts shopping at

Show overstock LEDs:;

if the link is to long click here (for mobile devices or similar cases)

General information regarding deals at
If possible, could you please report back if the deal(s) worked or not. Please also note that not all deals may work for every arrow customers as they may have restrictions in place (ie only email newsletter subscribers, only new customers, MOQ, ..).

Good call. Arrow can have some crazy great deals at times. Subscribed.

EDIT: I wish I recall who introduced us to OctoPart. It's a great way to compare prices and find deals on Arrow. Just input the manufacture's part number. Here are XHP70.2's. The XHP70B-00-0000-0D0HM440G is a good $3 less than the others. An additional 15% improves that if it works.


Well shoot… I literally just got done placing an Arrow order (some 90-CRI LH351D’s and resistors). I didn’t even think to check for discounts this time. Oh well, it wasn’t a very big one.

Arrow is my go to place for electronic parts. Thanks for the discount code. Subscribed. :+1:

There is a new search filter that is overstock clearance items in the LED categories. There are a lot of items of interest such as warm white xpg2 starting at $0.10 at quantities above 10.

some examples:

xpe2 xpebwt-l1-0000-00de3

xpg2 xpgbwt-l1-0000-00ee5

samsung xpg equivalent? sphwh2l3d30ed4v0h3

xpg2 xpgbwt-h1-0000-00ce7

xml2 xmlbwt-00-0000-0000u2053

I just picked up a few of those LED’s. Bought 30 and paid $5.02. Their shipping is phenomenal. I’ll be a frequent flyer in this thread. Great work guys.

Great offers from those guys. Just picked some xpg-s. You can never have enough from them :slight_smile:

For those that want a direct link to all overstocked emitters.;



also Samsung 351B are overstock cheap

also black flat dead cheap 0.71$

danngggg…. It’s a good deal!!!

got myself a bunch of XPG leds and some black flat for thrower :slight_smile:

That is awesome. Got 20 of the 351B’s for @ $6. Thanks Lexel!

Subscribed - thanx! Been ordering from Arrow on a regular basis.

Subscribed :slight_smile:

I never ordered from arrow before so how does it work for european customers ?
I guess that you have to pay VAT and customs fees applied on the whole price including shipping. has an option called DDP for customers abroad.

It will show up like this:

DDP ONLY covers the shipping and logistics cost, as well as a roughly 10-20% “customs charge”. Please note that is not responsible for any other charges that may occur in your country. i.e. some European countries have additional tax fees or charges depending on type or value of goods -> these are additional charges. If the logistics company involved handles these charges at delivery at your door or in other ways they also may charge fees.
Additional taxes, fees for importing regulated or illegal items into your country (i.e. laser modules, items that are otherwise regulated), or very expensive goods “above the threshold” may occur depending on the laws of the country you ship your products to.



I have clearance sale on some of ALU MCPCBs - perfect in combination with those overstock Arrow LEDs, tripe or quad can be build for <1€:

The website is weird…… :zipper_mouth_face:

not sure if they got hacked.

The website is and there is nothing weird about it?

What you potentially mean is that they have strong focus on B2B, educational facilities, labs, manufacturers, and similar commercial entities; so no, it won’t look like a typical consumer shopping website due to the nature of some of their products (when you stock thousands of semiconductors the site may look different).

They are a massive company: