[ASK] Zoomable Li-Ion headlamp

Guys, I need information about a dedicated headlamp with below requirements:

- Zoomable

- Minimum IP65, operated with bloody gloved fingers. Must be easy to clean

- Easy to mod

- Small 18350 (preferred) or 18650 compact headlamp. Doesn’t need to be detachable.

- 300 ish OTF output

- Regulated output with good driver, no linear driver, high freq. PWM is OK.

- Good mode spacing

  • Comfortable headband for long surgery

The application is medical surgery. And will be modified to ultra high CRI E21A or Optisolis, so any stock LED is not a problem.


Ai, zoomable headlamps all tend to be in the ultra cheap segment, so not waterproof, bad PWM and gritty threads. Led Lenser does some zoomable headlamps but I do not know if their optics produce the nice even flood that you are after, especially the Optisolis may not work in their optic, and they are usually not easy to mod.

An alternative that should give great flood could be the Armytek Tiara C1, it works on 18350’s, has a protruding switch for operation with gloves and is 10m submersible. It has no spot mode though and as I understand from you these are a pain to mod :stuck_out_tongue:

The doctor didn’t like the Tiara I showed him because it’s too floody and off center. It’s ok for general surgery but for ear or mouth inspection it’s a no go. He couldn’t see the patient’s ear canal properly.
I saw Fenix HL40R, looks good but I have no idea if it’s mod friendly.

- Clemence

Nextorch has a headlamp zoomie which should be of good quality. Not sure if it meets your requirements though. Especially when it comes to moddability.

There are straps with rotating magnetic holders, i think for 47 lights. With this, it could be just normal light

But whatever you find, it should also survive sterilization

- Zoomable

And as such normal light i’d suggest on the road i3

For ear and mouth inspection, it has to produce minimal to no glare to the patient.

- Clemence

Thanks I’ll look it up. This Nextorch website has so many interesting EDC. The Glootoob is very-very useful for my fishing lure!
Side track shopping begins…ugh….

- Clemence