Asking BLF members to Write reviews for us

Hello dear BLF members ,
Here is Crystal from Lightscastle. This is the first post of mine in the Chinese Year of Snake. I’d say happy new year to you all.
I have joined BLF for several month and this year I’ll send a lot of samples to BLF menbers. Anyone who are interested in testing the lights or DIY parts and writing reviews for us,please send me a message.【Please tell me the kind of products you are interested in and send me the former reviews you have already done】

Looking forward to kreisler’s review ! :bigsmile:

Kreisler’s post is gone…

Is blank or is it just me?

Works fine. Please try with this link:

Yikes, a misspelling. Thanks for the confirmation.

I am willing and able to make reviews of all your stuff as there is no nontechnical stuff in your shop.

Happy new year Crystal

Hello, Crystal! I am very interested in and willing to review products. PM me and we can discuss this further.

That store name…. light store of choice when you’re high? (jk :wink: )

LOL! Would be even funnier if they only sold AAA keychain lights by the crave case. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want to send me lights, i will review them :wink:


+1, free lights get reviews :wink:

I can vouch for Johnny, he's a great writer/reviewer. Me on the other hand can't write my way out of a paper bag. Sad, ain't it?

Here is 3 coupons avaliable.
130040 : Fandyfire G36, 3 usd off with code :zipper_mouth_face:0GLZ
130050: ” Fandyfire Padme”:—deep-grey-+-slivery-3-x-14500—3-x-aa-130050, 8 usd off with code: 2VMNR
130051: FandyFire Darth , 10 usd off with code: A1AYK
They are available between March 5 to March 15.
Take care,

I’m always looking to do more reviews, and thanks for the coupon codes! :slight_smile:

Has anyone received a response from the review offer?

Hello crystalcai, Ive emailed you twice. Is your email working?

Best price on the the Darth I've seen (with coupon code it beats Fasttech's price)