aspheric condenser lenses for sell

Optolife has been in manufacturing aspheric lens for over 15 years and we have a very good reputation.

Now we are selling standard aspheric condenser lens with cheap prices. Discount for bulk orders

The specifications can be found on Thorlabs's web:

A299R6 ACL108U Aspheric lens Ø9.8mm f8mm US$3.20
A294R1 ACL1210U Aspheric lens Ø11.8mm f10mm US$3.20
A489 ACL12708U Aspheric lens Ø12.5mm f8mm US$3.90
A295R1 ACL1512U Aspheric lens Ø14.8mm f12mm US$3.20
A494 ACL1815U Aspheric lens Ø17.8mm f15mm US$3.20
A296R1 ACL2018U Aspheric lens Ø19.8mm f18mm US$3.40
A292R1 ACL2520U Aspheric lens Ø24.8mm f20mm US$3.20
A475 ACL25416U Aspheric lens Ø25.2mm f16mm US$4.90
A493 ACL3026U Aspheric lens Ø29.8mm f26mm US$3.90
A297R6 ACL4532U Aspheric lens Ø44.8mm f32mm US$5.00
A293R1 ACL5040U Aspheric lens Ø49.8mm f40mm US$5.20
A495 ACL50832U Aspheric lens Ø50.6mm f32mm US$5.50
A298R1 ACL7560U Aspheric lens Ø74.8mm f60mm US$6.70


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