Aspherical lens (18mm,39mm)

i am looking aspherical lens for my shining beam romisen tc-601 which is 39mm is i am not mistaken and a small one to make an experiment with my xeno e03.

is any place that sell those sizes?

While we're talking about aspheric lenses, does anyone have a source for the one used in the Trustfire Z8?

maybe this :
from the review : Review: TrustFire Z8 - XM-L Flood-to-Throw its almost same size.

Thanks, I just ordered some. :D Those lenses are really the perfect size, I know they work in the Balder SE-1 or the UF-2100.

in my case i think they do not fit they are a bit “fatty”.post some pics if you can when you get them.

I have one of them from my Z8 what do you want to see?

the red and blue lines size.thanks.
(the specs for both lenses i am looking is about 2mm thick the blue line)

Hope this helps. The red area is around .5 mm tops and the blue is around .4 mm.

yes it helps ,thanks.

Good. :D Any other questions?

no ,i am going to try those 2 : Loading... and see how it goes ,but i think there is a posibility the one you have can fit as well in the xeno e03.

The Surplus Shed stocks LOTS of lenses. It does take a bit of work to locate what you want but the “lens finder” does speed up searches.

thanks i tryed them but now they dont have it,have to wait a bit so they restock.