Astrolux A01 firmware bug (?)

Hello everyone,
I have got a huge request for the owners of the Astrolux A01 flashlight with a ‘non-Manker’ driver (PWM, a memory mode for 15h).
I also have that flashlight and when I don’t use it for 24 hours (the memory mode goes off), the strobe in the first loop needs to go through 7 modes and it’s 8th. In the next loops or using the memory mode, the strobe needs 6 modes and it’s 7th.
In the Manker E01, the strobe is always 7th.

Can you check if your flashlight is affected with that bug?

I attach the screenshot for quickly understanding what I am talking about.
Each line is the one loop low-middle-high-low-middle-high-strobe. I kindly ask you to check the first loop. Remember to do this when the memory is inactive and the flashlight starts from the low mode.

PS. Probably someone used a modulo %7==0 but forgot about enumerating from 0… :person_facepalming:

Anybody doesn’t have Astrolux A01? Impossible :wink: I would be grateful if you check this. Just few times twist the head.

Have to wait 24 hours.

Mine operates the same way, where strobe is 8th in the first cycle and then 7th in every cycle after that until mode memory gets reset.

On that note…I have it modded it to kill the crazy long mode memory by drawing a single pencil line across the capacitor, so it only has a memory for a couple of seconds. So I can repeat your test over and over again and I have the same results after leaving it off for just a few seconds.

@BingoThink Thank you. Excellent post.

Maybe the first cycle was meant to open settings on 7th or 8th place or it is just a funny programming bug.
I heard that the code was public a long time ago. I will ask @ToyKeeper if he has it in his repository.

I thought about a resistor. So you say that the line is effective? Do you have more than 1 second to change the mode?
If so it would be fantastic :smiley:

All you need is a pencil! I’ve done two of them and one loses memory after about a second, and the other about 2 seconds; it just depends on how thick/heavy of a line you draw. It doesn’t take much of a line at all, and if you’re not happy with it you can just erase the line and try it again. I did a little picture write-up about it here that was posted on reddit a while back: Astrolux A01 next mode memory removal - Album on Imgur

I used a 63k resistor, not that I have any issues with the pencil trick, I just like to solder.

That works too! I’m all about the cheap and easy way out :money_mouth_face:

Yep mine does like the original post.