Astrolux A01, Nitefox K3, and Olight I3E E0S Runtime and Drain From High Mode

All lights used a freshly charged Eneloop AAA battery. The lights are placed left to right with the Astrolux, Nitefox, and Olight. The Nitefox started to really step down and putter out at around 45 minutes and quit at 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Olight pretty much kept a constant brightness for its entire 1 hour and 15 minute duration. The Astrolux has a hard step down at 45 minutes and continues to drop gradually over the entire 6.5 hours. Realistically it’s good for about 50 minutes of useable light per this sample test.

The test in the video is probably done with Eneloop Pro AAA, because the runtimes are a bit higher than what I get with standard AAA Eneloops.

Anyway, the video confirms my findings - Olight i3E EOS is twice as efficient as ASTROLUX A01. I did not measure Nitefox K3, because I don’t have one.

You get the Astrolux A01 for the great Nichia 219 tint, not the efficiency.

I used regular Eneloops for all 3 lights. While I do love the Nichia tint, the runtime is pretty much what we give up. I’m just happy it has lower well spaced modes.

Yet A01 tint is about 10 times better :crown:

Olight i3E EOS (AAA keychain light) measurements

Astrolux A01 AAA measurements (High CRI Nichia)

The original post was about runtime and I commented the runtime. Sorry if I said something wrong…

BTW, I agree, tint is very important. I like maukka’s spectral distribution graphs, I wish I could generate such graphs…

AA Cycler

I have the A01, the i3E and an i3S.

The A01 lives by the door, the i3E in my bag and the i3S round my neck. They are all great lights but the i3S would be my pick if I had to choose just one - fantastic light as far as I am concerned (once you have got rid of the chain and attachment link, and replaced it with something else). 20 lumens for an advertised 8 hours is properly useful, and the low-low is a well thought out amount if lumens. Adding a piece of soft tube to the tail-end so you can hold it in your teeth for one-handed operation is a must. But then I do that with all my small lights……

Both the Astrolux A01 that I bought from bangood is cool white. I’m doubting it is even nichia emitter.

Astrolux A01 from Banggood with “CPF Italian 5 Anni” logo has the original driver and warm 219B about 4000K, Copper version with “CPF Italian 5 Anni” logo is even somewhat warmer. I bought many of these in orange and green color anodizations last year, when they were under US$4 for Al and US$8 for Cu. :THUMBS-UP:

Copper version with BLF Logo that sold on Banggood last year for US$8 is neutral white 219B. :expressionless:

(none of the above has PWM, none has NMM.)

Recently bought Al Lumintop Tool is no more 219BT - now use 219C. Al Lumintop IYP365 is also selling now only with 219C (no more 219B). I hate the M-L-H mode sequence and complete lack of moonlight kills those for me. }P

So Astrolux AO1 with “CPF Italian 5 Anni” is my tint queen of ultra-cheap single AAA :crown:

I also got a few of those last Christmas sale (which arrived recently), except the CPF Italia A01 copper version.

But I did get a few BLF A01 copper — and the tints are a lottery, not just neutral white 219B; the tints ranged from neutral-white to warm white to warmer rosy white.

I’m guessing the CPF A01 copper you got may be similar to the warmer rosy white BLF A01 copper that I got.

(the right-most is a BLF A01 copper with the warm rosy tint, the 2nd-from-the-right [warm-white] and 2nd-from-the-left [neutral-white] are also BLF A01 copper with different tints.)

You r right… The copper CPF version is by far warmest of all I have (somewhere close to the two on right on your photo). Nice tint but I prefer the weight of Aluminium :) On the opposite side of spectrum is Manker E01 (same neutral tint as my copper BLF A01 I got only one cooper BLF A01 and it is about 5000K). I described that in post here AstroLux A01 AAA Nichia 219B Review - Winner winner, chicken dinner. The only one shortcoming of all these for me is that I would prefer clicking switch. :stuck_out_tongue: Nevertheless I keep the orange Aluminium CPF Italia A01 on me everyday :wink: