Astrolux C8 driver replacement options

My Astrolux C8 is stuck in one mode . I`ve tried switches from 2 Convoy C8s with no difference .The Astrolux switch works fine in the Convoys .
Multimeter reading is 2A .
I`d like something that has the turbo setting .

You can buy one of my 17mm drivers with Bistro HD OTSM

I don`t know whats happened but the Astrolux C8 is now working with a Convoy tailcap and switch .

The problem now is even on turbo it`s the same brightness as a Convoy C8 clear .

Where can I find an Astrolux switch with a double spring or would a spring bypass on a Convoy switch give me the extra power on turbo mode ?

switch spring bypass is always the preferred method, better than double springs

Found one .
So is it a combination of FET driver and double spring giving the turbo boost or just the Fet , and is the regular spring restricting the power when using the Convoy switch ?

each resistance eliminated gives more current