Astrolux EA02 emitter damaged

Was admiring and inspecting my new EA02 this morning, and noticed this on the emitter:

In the right light it appears as a tiny red speck in the phosphor. Hard to get a good view/ picture of it. I tested it last night, first with a Sofirn 3000mAh 18650,then a Sammie 50E2. Didn’t notice any “angry blue” danger-danger signs. Hella bright, yes. I thought maybe it was just something loose (dust/foreign object) that landed on the emitter, but it’s not shaking off. Any ideas what I’m looking at here?

EDIT: I got a better look with a loupe, and it appears one of the segments is cooked. Gotta believe it’s impacting output to a degree, but how much is indeterminate as I have nothing to measure or reference to. I took it outside again this morning, and compared it to my M21A (W2). The E02 still edges the M21A by a small margin in terms of throw/intensity in my estimation. No further damage is observable after running it about 10 minutes, mostly on turbo. Kinda disconcerting, but I really dig the light.

I’m not sure of what it is, but I would certainly try to remove it before turning the light ON. If it is something “into” the emitter, it may damage it quickly specially on Turbo. If it is some “over” the emitter, try to remove asap.

It can be something of solder flux or other kind of dust that landed there before closing the light, or after, in case you have opened it somewhere in time.

> it appears as a tiny red speck in the phosphor

seems like the phosphor is damaged,
glad it still works

Anybody have experience with warranty claims with BG or Astrolux?

the hard way
contact the vendor thru their customer service link
expect to be asked for a video
their script offers you 10% refund

you say no
their script offers you 20% refund

you say no
their script offers you 50% refund
you say no

they ask you to mail the light, at your expense

you ask them to provide a shipping label
Customer service stops answering your email


the easy way:
escalate to Paypal dispute, choose defective product category
contact the email address in Paypal and request refund

customer retention will make you an offer you cant refuse
basically, they give a refund, and you keep the light
or, free replacement and you keep the defective light

sorry off topic, the pciture you took of the emitter in the reflector is so cool! like artwork. swapping the LED out for. a new osram (you can get at Convoy store from simon for $10), is easy if yours ever stopped working. probably just run it til it doesnt work then you know jsut an emitter swap. or do What Jon-Slider said, because that sounds good too

Smart advice…

Thank you, jon_slider.

Artiet59 wrote:

Image Boss, here I come…LOL…thanks!

Had a driver problem with an MF02 3 years ago, I reached out to Banggood and got the runaround and then “return to us” nonsense.

Escalated PayPal dispute, PayPal told me to send it back to the retailer before I could get a refund….

Hello everyone!
I have troubles with emitter’s centering:

I need to warn other potential buyers, it’s possible that this light will be throw like convoy c8+ with CSLNM1.TG (if emitter is not in center)