Astrolux FT02 driver and maybe diode replacement?


I have Astrolux FT02 with XHP35 HI 4000k. But three original drivers i tested and they all have problems. Problems are when on turbo flashlight blinks. It’s not from battery, I tested with 30Q, 40T, VTC6. So I have led, but I want driver with e-switch 25(6?)mm who is compatible with XHP35 HI and have to install in FT02. And will be better from original astrolux driver. I dont need micro usb port for charging I will fill the hole with glue. Just dont know from where I can buy driver I need. I connected with Mateminco and they wrote to me there is no longer production of FT02 drivers(maybe and flashlight). I can’t buy from them and actually I dont need 4-th defective driver.

There is other solution - with Osram CULPM1.FY (this is maybe 4000k or?) or CULPM1.TG (6000k+ I dont like it) if any of theese osram diode have good 25mm driver with e-switch. I don’t care for firmware but actually NarsilM is best personaly for me for throwers(only 100%, ramping, stepped etc.). I see FT03 with osram in YouTube and like it and if it’s possible I will be very happy to mod FT02 with Osram.

So where I can buy driver for XHP35 HI, or where buy DTP with Osram and driver for it?

PM Lexel and see if he can get you fixed up.





its a boost driver, maybe its a bad contact with host…

Bad contact with 3 drivers and 2 heads? I receive new head(with driver and diode) first time from bangood. Second time I receive only driver. Tested several times and personally replacement of driver and flashlight have same problem with 2 different heads and 3 drivers. And 3 type of battery. I don’t think this is normal.

I have two flashlight with boost driver - Sofirn C8G and flashlight have no problems. I have and Convoy L21A XHP35 HI. This flashlight also is with no problems like FT02. I read in this forum problems with FT02 with XHP35-HI and I think second batch of driver is just defective, first batch have other issues. XHP70.2 driver also have problems in this flashlight. It’s not a big deal it’s just happened sometimes.

I will write this member Lexel and will tell in thread what’s happening. I just want to make this flashlight working well.

Lexel doesn’t do boost drivers iirc, check with hank to see if a K1 xhp35 driver will fit. Email

I don’t want to be only XHP35. I may change diode with osram. I have Convoy C8+ with osram and I am very impressed with this diode.

I think hank’s drivers are 22mm in diameter but he should have a fair few options. See what you can LEGO together

I’ll contact with him tomorrow and see what will be done in this case.

Thanks for answers, I hope this guys will think something for this astrolux.

Did you tried to run driver outside the host?
Ft03 driver

No, I didn’t try it. But I have tryed with 2 different heads. FT03 driver is bigger than FT02. This is what I check first.

So, no luck with finding driver for this flashlight. Mateminco don’t produce it anymore, and flashlight also is no produce. I write to guys you recommend me, but they can’t help with driver. Their drivers are not compatible. Convoy also don’t have 25mm drivers with e-switch.

So can you can help me with solution with this flashlight? Maybe change diode with SST40, for this diode maybe will find good compatible driver……

Bringing back an old thread, but I wanted to ask again, as I am taking possession of an Astrolux FT02 XHP70.2 version w/a dead driver. Mateminco does not make this anymore so cannot replace from the manufacturer. Is anyone aware of a suitable boost driver for 12V XHP70.2 in the FT02?

Convoy M3 is a boost driver for 6v XHP70.2 26mm diameter with e switch.