Astrolux FT03 current draw when off

I bought one each of the CW and NW FT-03 lights. Both have the same model Shockli 5500mAh 26500 battery. After sitting unused for 3 weeks I found that the NW light was dead while the CW battery still measured >4.1V. I recharged the other battery and confirmed that it holds it charge and did a discharge test at 1A and measured within 100mAh of the rated 5500mAh capacity.

Next step was to check quiescent current in the off position. I found that the CW light started at about 5.5mA upon application of power dropping to 130uA. The NW light on the other hand starts out at 20mA dropping to 15mA.

Has anyone else measured the quiescent current while off?

15ma is weird, usually this light consume less than 1mA when standby, i think your light is defected

I have the same problem, high parasitic drain.
Banggood is not willing to help, even after showing them a video.
so i bought a new driver from Mateminco for 5,5 usd (shipping was almost double that) but anyway, less expensive then a new light.

Edit, my light started at over 80mA and dropped 5 mA when the MCU goes to sleep.
Now i measured less.

I also sent photographs and video and I’m waiting to hear back from Banggood, but your experience doesn’t make me optimistic. Your 68mA of current draw is totally unacceptable — I thought my 15mA was bad! If Banggood won’t help then I might take mine apart to see if I can figure out where the extra current is going.

Try reversing the leads on the meter , put negative on the light tube and positive on the negative of the battery.

You are right, but i don’t mind the minus, current doesn’t change.

Mine seems to be fine I’ve had the battery in there for a few weeks with no use and its still fairly full like 4.1v.
I’ll double check with a multimeter.

I have 4 of them that measure 500-540uA the GTmini 600uA just for ref. measured on my Fluke116.

I know your trying to figure out the reason, I have the solution!

When my lights are dormant[not using] ,ALL my lights either have the battery/battery carrier removed until use OR a Mechanical lockout.

Either method I chose makes your problem Non existent.

how or where do i contact Mateminco ? i need spare driver

They have official store on AliExpress, you can try there.

Your solution certainly is effective, but is not a good solution if you want the ability to grab a flashlight for immediate illumination. The FT03 however doesn’t fall into that category for me since it serves a specific purpose and I’ll just unscrew the tailcap if Banggood won’t exchange it.

I have sent them a message on their AliExpress store, on which they responded.

I don’t use any of my lights with parasitic drain anymore. I don’t have a problem with a twist to connect the battery, but when it’s killing batteries, it doesn’t do me any good


It is a good solution.

1. Accidental activation is avoided when carrying in my holster/and driving.

2. Parasitic drain

3. What does it take? 1.33 seconds to tighten the tail cap!!! :wink: ,YES,I timed it 5 times and that was the average!! lol! :smiley:

To each his own

s. I DO NOT need IMMEDIATE ACTIVATION, 1.33 seconds is fine!..…….I get to the trail , I tighten the tail cap and I go.,Ever hear of night vision?,we can see fine in the dark!,especially for 1.33 seconds! lol!

I’m surprised to hear you say this. You are very particular about your lights and I think most people would consider this a defect. The tail cap lock out is wonderful to have, as a secondary. Just because you can cut the power doesn’t mean you should accept an otherwise defective light.

There is a misunderstanding. I have been loosening my tail caps in my lights when they are NOT in use for several years,PRIMARILY for accidental activation, secondarily for parasitic drain. My reasoning has nothing to do with the OP and possible defective FT03 w/ too much/different parasitic drain from one light.

I had a TK75vn QUAD [7500L/450Kcd accidentally activate in my holster,probably caused by my seat belt. I holster UP before I drive to the trail.For whatever reason I could not feel the heat through my holster. When I was ready to use it I could not believe how HOT it was!This was last summer! That light was on 50 minutes!!! I know from all my MAX run time tests[voltages!],It has happened to a few other lights as well.

SO AUTOMATICALLY I loosen the tail caps for ALL my lights when they are not in use!! EDC included! :+1: :sunglasses:

I have had my ft03 for three weeks and I Love it, I keep a samsung 20r in it so I will have a light to use.

On outings I pop in a 26650 for output / runtime.

I ordered a green emisar d4s with green aux lights and sst 20 4000k 95cri leds for daily carry in a holster since these lights are not stricken by parasitic drain issues on low tritium like settings.

My FT03 has killed 2 near new batterys just from stand-by. It yook both batterys down to 0.0volts. I tried reviving them but was not successful. Not cool!

Yeah, reviving them on a regular charger is not a good idea. You need very low currents(25mA) to be able to do so.

Back on topic, how is this light have standby drain problems?

This is using NarsilM with the appropriate hardware. It should not have these kind of problems.