Astrolux HL01 - 1200 Lumens - Magnetic Headlamp - Best Value 2020

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Thanks. At 7:47 it looks much bigger then the Wizard.

Possible to get a side by side shot without the headband?

Thank you. I’ll 18650 in the hand and 18350 on the head.

If someone wants to know All PCBs and MCPCB design is made by me

Early in the design process without charging added

First planned USB Micro, but later type C was requested

Almost finished charging board

Final driver design may look a bit odd on the AMC side but it’s a matter of like 0.2mm if it fits somehow or not

The side of the light looks like a meat tenderizer lol.

Yes they decided on a rather massive head to give enough thermal buffer for longer turbo output, the light is a bit heavy so you may try to give a small steak some beating

the triangular shape increases surface area to get the heat loose a little better without cutting fins into it

I like the looks of it, possible easy to grip.

Does this have low battery warning/protection?

It is Anduril based flashlight so it must to have software LVP.

Thank you Lexel great design

Nice looking light. Can anybody give me an educated guess as to what the difference is will as far as lumen output, between the XPL 6500k and the SST-20 4000k versions?

And who has a coupon code they’re willing to share? I’m cheap, so $41.95 + $1.30 shipping seems like a lot to spend on a 1200 lumen light. I still think the Astrolux EC01 is the best value light, so far in 2020. But only every other week when it’s on sale right around $20-$25.

Go ask in the groupbuy thread for the coupon. Astrolux HL01 1200Lumen magnetic angle/headlight groupbuy

-Too big/long/heavy
–2A charge current is too high

Have you done any tests Lexel? How fast will the light throttle down from different ramp levels? Are the AMCs well thermally connected to the flashlight body?

Hi Lexel. I am little curious which is that 3D software with PCB in that you can get 3D measurements? Is that Diptrace, which I think that you use for your PCB designs?

From posted images and from video of vietnamreviews I can see there is very good thermal path. Also the flashlight body have thick walls and it is massive compared to another L shape based flashlights which is very good. From that design I think is possible to drive SST20 at full power for very long time. But we will need real test for that.
In that PCB design I do not like that PCB joints where are connected two pcbs. The main current flow will passes through solder joint which is only of one side of PCB. There are I think will have a little problem with mechanical stress betwen two PCBs.

Can the HL01 charge with a c-to-c cable or only an a-to-c cable? Please tell me c-to-c.

Does it take protected battery?

No, only A to C type. Unfortunately.