Astrolux M01 Review Nichia and XPG2 comparison.

Hey BLF, I just finished up the review on the 2 new M01 keychain lights from Banggood’s house brand- Astrolux. I test the runtimes, outputs, and do a beamshot section. It’s pretty short and sweet, at five and a half minutes. Banggood provided this for review. And you can use the coupon code “ASTROM01” to get it for $17.

Does the Astrolux M01 use PWM?

Thanks again for another fine review. :+1:

If it uses it’s not not visible to my eye and camera. But no… I don’t see any.


great to hear that! Thank You!

Thanks for the review mate. Always enjoy your videos


And so did i. :slight_smile:
But i will do a review too, of what you actually get when you order it…
Main problem is the O-rings are too thick.
Also they aren’t as nicely finished as the ones you got.
Thankfully i got them for ‘only’ 12 Euro’s each. (i ordered two, with the very nice Nichia emitters).