Astrolux MF01-20K 20000 lumens mod

I made an MF01 mod. Here are the basic info and see the video for more details.

Leds: 18x Samsung LH351D 5000K 90 CRI
Driver: Haikelite MT09R TA FET
MCPCB: Modded from 6S3P to 2S9P led wiring
Springs: Stock but 20 AWG wire bypasses in carrier and 18 AWG bypass on driver
Output: 20130 lumens
Intensity: 61200 cd

Nagyon szép! Szép munka ZozzV6! :+1:

Thank you ! Especially for hungarian answer :smiley:

Whoa! I’ve got a Lexel driver coming, so that’s good as it is, and hope to do an LH351D swap at some stage. But damn that’s impressive!

great mod!

Great build and video. That is one very hot flashlight. :sunglasses: :beer:

Thank you ! :smiley:

Very nice. Congrats on a true beast.

How hard was your light to open? I have a couple of the 2nd gen MF01's and I haven't been able to get the bezels to budge. Thinking about making a wooden jig to hold the bottom of the head and than going to town on the bezel with a large pipe wrench. Probably will scratch/gouge the bezel, but that can be fixed. Any advice you may have would be appreciated.

I used two strap wrenches like this:

Can’t remember if that’s the exact size - but used them to put force on opening. Eventually felt it slip and then away I went. Took some time afterwards to clean the threadlocker from the threads with isopropyl alcohol and some fine tweezers.


Hmmm, sounds promising. I tried several different strap wrenches, but not an oil filter wrench. Thanks oweban :)

No worries! I still had to put a decent amount of force into it, but it worked well.

I wrapped head in kapton tape. Putted in a vice between two wood blocks with the side flat surfaces. Used hot air gun to heat bezel and used some wood clamps to untwist it.


Thank you. Having trouble picturing the wood clamp. Seems like it would just slip off the bezel. Did you kapton tape the bezel too?

No the clamp has plastic grips.

Hey Zozz
Now it looks like I’m trying to copy you, but I came up with the same idea about two weeks before you put your video here. Like many other of my flashlights, this one has not been assembled yet. I would like to do it finally.
I started to wonder if it’s worth shave the leds for this mod?
I would like to get a little warmer tint.

Hi! I have a few samsung leds but not noticed warmer tint after dedoming. Tomorrow I try to compare with a domed to see.

I made two photo and you were right. I did not compered samsungs after dedome yet and it does change the tint. All of them are 5000K 90 CRI version LH351D leds.
Left: convoy S21A with dome.
Right: GT mini dedomed

Left: Astrolux S43 with domes
Right: Nitecore TUP dedomed

Thank you very much. I think I’ll try to cut the dome.
Do you like the tint “after”? Is it green, or is it creamy/pink?

Nothing green. I would say it become a bit rosy.

Ok. Thank you again