Astrolux MF02

Hi. Anyone have any clue as to how to obtain parts fort the Astrolux MF02. I can’t find it via Google nor can I find the manufacturer to see if I can get parts directly from them.
The on/off switch crapped out after VERY LITTLE usage, It just came apart after behaving starngely (becoming kind of insensitive to pressing it).
The torch itself feels and looks great and looks high quality but am disappointed as to the quality of the part that is most heavily sollicited on a torch.
I wanted to search on the site but there is no search option (except for little Google search on top left).
Thanks very much for any help.

Have you opened the switch to see how it looks??

No not yet. Will do and post here. Hopefully in a few hours.

If you can see how the physical switch looks you might be able to source one from AliExpress and solder it onto the existing switch board.

Try to contact the owner of the Mateminco store on Aliexpress. He is always helpful and maybe willing to sell spare parts. Shipping is separate and expensive if you don’t buy it together with a flashlight.