Astrolux mf04s from Australia Melbourne

Hi guys I’m from Australia and getting into high powered torches, I recently bought a astrolux mf04s and just wondering how I can get MORE POWER out of it, is there and upgrade parts I can get for it, any help would be great, sorry if posted this in the wrong section as this is my first time on this site, thank you to all

Use Samsung 30Q batteries and you’ll get a very bright light with some runtime. The light as is is near perfect.

Ok cool as I was watching YouTube and people are dedoming and spring by mods, also changing drivers to increase voltage

Driver would be the first thing to change, for both higher current and better UI.

Lexel on here is the guy to speak to - unsure if he’s still doing the drivers now due to current economic conditions, plus shipping is a massive pain from anywhere at the moment. Also not sure if he makes a driver for the MF04S…

Might be worth checking his thread out: Lexels driver compilation

I bought a 7A anduri driver from Lexel for mine. Felt like an entirely new light

Astrolux MF04S battery carrier takes four 18650 cells in a 2S2P configuration (8.4V).

Lexel MF02S 12V up to 8A driver needs the battery carrier to be modified into a 4S configuration (16.8V step down to 12V).

To do:

  • Figure out how to remove the old driver (remove torx screws, driver falls out? desolder wires)
  • Figure out the wiring from the MF04S MCPCB/switch to the Lexel MF02S driver:
  • Figure out what traces to cut and what to bridge on battery carrier to convert from 2S2P to 4S:
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Here are some graphs for before and after swapping the driver:

The room temperature was correctly identified as 26 C earlier in the day when I used the MF04S to check the temperature.

The surface temperature reached 54 C after six minutes on Turbo. It got a bit hotter after that. I have left the thermal limit as the default (set by Lexel?).

Here’s a video demonstrating the Astrolux MF04S with a Lexel driver:

The Lexel MF02S driver came with Anduril installed. 15 clicks gets the light to blink out 20191203. That is the date that the hex file was compiled. This might indicate that it is Anduril 1 rev 460 but it could be an earlier version that was later compiled on 20191203 by Lexel.



I’ll post a photo tutorial for modifying the battery carrier and swapping the driver, along with some measurements of lumen output and beam distance.

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Thats impressive.

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