Astrolux MH10

Good…very good :slight_smile: Thank you for confirmation!


MH10 is starting to preorder
price $35 , and the first 100units can get a free 18350 tube.

I almost bought it…just looking for some informations about UI and found Imalent DN12 thread on other forum - basically the same light, but shorter tube.

Imalent stated “You are right that the light turns on at maximum output.” - is it true also for Astrolux MH10? No way to start on low and ramp up?

Pre-order made! Thanks

I was going to get the MH10, but then saw there is a GB for the original designer Immanent DN11. This group buy includes the 18650 and a surprise price. Just not the short tube for 18350.

I’ve seen that - it’s a bit cheaper, but still prefer this GB as:

- it has NW option

- it has 18350 tube included (at least for now)

  • it’s banggod - I just like them more :slight_smile:

However I still don’t know whether it can start on some low level…according to what I’ve fund on the net - no. And that alone is still preventing me from buying it…but really I hope I’m mistaken.

Arrived 3hours ago, tomorrow I will start review in spanish, but at this moment, I can say:

  1. I like the interface
  2. I am triyng my new lux/box, I have make a reference with 25 values of lumens of Fenix lights. For this Astrolux MH10 I have meassured 956 lumens.
  3. A short video of 1 minute for feel the interface: (here are 24:00…I must sleep :wink: )

Preorder in banggood Astrolux MH10 . For first 100 orders they give a 18350 Tube free)

Before i submit my order, is there a way to find out if I will be getting a free 18350 tube?

EDIT….Ijust saw there is 28 preorders….

Has anyone yet determined the physical and specification differences,if any, between the branded Imalent DN11 and this light?

i doubt any differences..

no free battery from banggood, but the short tube is included

so you have to decide if you need another cell or or have "two lights in one" ;)

Trevi - Me gusta la musica ;)

Woytas - This light has memory and will start at the lowest setting. It does not default to the lowest. It start wherever you turn it off.

Chooma - The first 100 will get a short tube for free

The Burgh - From what I see in this thread (Woytas post) and what I have in my hand...the UI may be different. I do not have the DN11 so II cannot say for sure. I do know that the Astrolux restarts at the last setting it was turned off.

To all - short tubes and NW option will be ready within a month

This is a very small and interesting light. Working on a review. Hopefully get it up shortly.

My clips of 25.4 mm(for Nitecore P10, P12, MH20, MH12, Imalent DM21,……) fits fine here!!

Would Astrolux MH10 battery tube work on Nitecore MH20?

Not work.
Is very similar but not compatible, only the clip is compatible :smiley:

I was planning to use MH10 18350 tube on my MH20W; I guess it is not going to happen :weary: Thanks!!

Fine also with HMD10 rigid holster:

I like specially this display!, seems very hard, strong:

If you plan on disassembling it, please take pics of display.

Now: “In stock, usually dispatched in 1 business day”. My pre-oder was not yet shipped

When the pre-order will be shipped? They were promised for August 5