astrolux s3 sdiver removal quetions

Hi all light junkie ,an old time flashlight/solder gun offender,the main reason I have not been here recently is because I cannot afford my hobby any longer, but I recently ordered a astrolux s3 because I lost mine from a ouple ot years ago ,
so I recived my new Astrolux s3 and I was attempting to do a solder spring bypass as usual fried the driver and I have plenty of blf a6 driver sbut I cannot remove the retaining ring .My question so is it a reverse thread to remove the retaining ring or is there a secret Iam missining?

Assuming that the Astrolux S3 is a copy of the BLF/Kronos X5, I would say that the retaining ring for the driver has regular threads (loossen is turning anti-clockwise). As I very well that know the X5/X6 and the A6-driver are very sensitive for (not) properly connecting to the body, these retaining rings will be fastened very tight.
I use two steel nails. Put the points in the holes and make them cross. You will easily notice how to cross them for getting a maximum lever effect. Beats any special tool, unless it is dedicated to THAT specific ring.

Look at post #15 of the link.

thank you Henk4u2,I give it a try.

I always use snap ring pliers, like the kind you get for $5 with removable tips at the hardware store.


Mine wouldn’t unscrew no matter what i tried…
So i used a dril to drill it in half and then i could get it out…