Astrolux S41 / Manker E14 - repaired, with triple 219c

I currently have available two lights for sale. I picked them up with damaged LEDs due to the well-known issue with the fit of the Manker quad optic damaging the LEDs. I repaired them using triple Nichia 219C 5000k 90+CRI LED and (obviously) triple optics.

I like the 219c triple conversion a lot: the lumen output is equal or greater than the quad 219B, the tint is beautiful, and the light doesn’t get hot quite as as fast as the quad which makes it a bit more useful (it still gets plenty hot though). I purposely did NOT bypass the springs because the current/heat is already very high with a good cell in these lights.

They are used lights and show some signs of use. The astrolux S41 is starting to develop some “patina” in lower half of the copper pill, and there is small bits of scuffed anodizing on the edge of the battery tube (both visible in pics). The Manker E14 is in very close to new condition, there is barely visible scuffing of the copper clearcoat if you hold it at just the right angle to the light (I wasn’t able to get it in pictures) but no clearcoat has been removed so the copper is still all shiny Cu color. The E14 head does however have a dent at the base which is visible when it catches the light (I positioned it so that you can see it in the picture) but does not affect function (it is not even close to affecting the threads).

I’m asking $31 shipped to the con-US. Shipping to other locations possible, $25+actual shipping cost.

$25 each?

Can i ask which MCPCB and optic did you use, and did you have to mod anything or just replace it
Because i am planning to repair my manker e14

Wishful thinking but if that price is for the two together I’ll definitely take them.

Sheesh. Jumping on my deal? Ha

My bad. I defer.

Awaiting Response. If it is let’s split them!

I like it!

Hey all, sorry for the delay - the people who give me money every two weeks expected me to do some work for them, sheesh!

Yes, the price was per each, sorry for the confusion.

I used KaiDomain N219C triples with included optics. The KD triple MCPCBs are usually curved and these were no exception, so they got sanded flat before installing with Arctic MX4 thermal paste. The MCPCBs are held down by applying Kapton tape over holes in the MCPCB where the optic legs go so that the optic will apply pressure as the bezel is screwed down. I find it works well, but it does mean that if you remove the bezel and optic that you will need to redo the tape.

Oh thank you
Gonna repair mine


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So they still have the original ui

Hi BeardedRaleigh, were you still interested in first dibs? Did you get a chance to read my PM?

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Got them. They’re working perfectly. While white wall hunting though, I notice the rings. I’m wondering if sanding the optics would kill the rings or kill the beam altogether. Would you know which frosted optic might work?

These are the Carclo Optic options for triples:

Part Number Finish Beam Type
10507 Plain Narrow spot
10508 Frosted Medium spot
10509 Frosted Wide spot
10510 Ripple Linear Elliptical
10511 Frosted Narrow spot

Ummmmm……? You were supposed to make this easier. :weary: What’s in there now?

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