Astrolux S41 - presale ended

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Put long 18650 tube on with a 30q. Dang this light rocks! But I like it better with the short tube in place. My current fave light. Still surprises me how powerful the S41 is.

Looks fantastic. Does the screw pitch on that clip match this light?

There are no threaded holes in the tailcap, but slots. So I used nuts, between the side of the tailcap and the boot.
There was no need to enlarge the slots with a file or something like that.

Thanks. I asked because this clip fits the (unthreaded) holes in the tailcap of my A6 just fine, but the S41’s unthreaded holes are set just a little closer together so the same clip wouldn’t work. Just to be clear, when you say ‘slots’ are they round or elongated?

> clearance on the spring side

Solved that one with a little filing, removing part of the “overhang” where the chips stick up:

Thank you guys. :slight_smile:

I think (I hope) that Manker used the V1 version of Nichia 219B, I tested it later (link ) and on a copper board it tops at 4A, so if the quad stays under 16A, preferably at 9.6A (I like my leds at 80% of maximum output), you’re good:

Just today I got my Astrolux S41 (Nichia version) in, just measured it on a fully charged dark purple Efest 18350 cell. The current is 9.2A (measured with tail off, replaced by thick copper loop and clamp meter), the output (with tail so the current will be a tad lower) is 1600lm at 3 seconds after switch-on, 1360lm after 30 seconds.

So on a good 18350 cell, apart from that this light is too small for 25W power ( :smiley: ), when the battery is full, the leds are driven close to their (IMO) current sweetspot.

Sorry I did not express myself clear enough. From this picture I “borrowed” from djozz in the “What did you mod today?” thread you can see that the holes in the tailcap are slightly elongated. And my clip also came from a BLF SE A6 tailcap.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess the QC issues in this light extend to the holes in the tailcap — as you can see here, mine are slightly closer together than on my A6, and aren’t elongated like yours.

I like the fit of an Armytek Prime clip (see below) better than the included stock clip, which gets sort of pushed out of place by the head of the light. But I’d rather be using a screwed-on clip than a friction fit.

The short tube of s41 can fit the blf a6.

Yeah, I know you can lego the parts together. In fact my S41 short tube is actually a slightly better fit in my A6 than my A6 short tube is!

But I just wish the distance between the holes was the same in both tailcaps, so that I could use the same kind of screw-on clip on both. Apparently my S41 is different from some others in this regard (Henk4U2 and djozz evidently have a slightly different hole configuration, for example).

And I am fully aware that this is an extremely minor complaint, and I am in general very happy with my S41.

I opened up my astrolux S41, I haven’t read it all but anyone else has one without screws? :weary: (they could at least have left all 4 legs on the optic if no screws was the plan). At least it saves me the decision should I solder the board to the pill or not.

Mine,had only one screw.

I guess you were lucky then :wink:

More fun: edges of the not-in-use scew holes bulging up, hardly any metal-metal contact between board and pill. Those Nichia’s do not live happy lives in here.

Problem solved! Is the board loose? Did they use paste or adhesive?

may have been kept in place by optic, sort of because the legs have no rim that push the top of the ledboard down.

four legs would make the light more resistant to impact forces on the glass lens, the optic has no support on the side, the lens presses on the legs

Optics have from the factory only 2 legs .

I hope the grey comes from silver in the thin sludge, but it is way thinner than the Arctic Silver 5 that I use.