Astrolux S42 driver replacement recommendations

cam anyone suggest a driver for the s42 which has only 4 modes like low med high turbo with shortcuts to low and turbo… the UI on the s42 is really crappy. makes the light junk…

i prefer a driver for direct drop-in without modifications.

check out the Lexel driver collection (Lexel is a user on here).

thanks for the reply

I’ve modded 2 with lexel’s driver. Not easy but doable.

lots of drivers in lexels collection. can you link the specific driver you used and what modes does it have. i see the s42 board with 2 boards. 1 for the leds i suppose. i just need the driver coz i wont be able to solder the leds. i wanna use the led board of the s42.

it is the:
“20,5mm Astrolux S42” driver. that picture afaik shows both sides of it.

What Edness said - not an easy mod. I opened my S42 up already, but didn’t go any further due to time constraints.

ah ok… i will think about it. hehe. or maybe i will just sell it and avoid the risk and buy the aluminium version of the emisar d4.

I think I will also sell my S42. It seems easier. Shame about the beautiful tint they picked on the 219Cs… but whatever. that UI is so painful.
Emisar would be a great pick!