Astrolux SS (aka X6) triple/quad worthy?

I should be getting the parts tomorrow to assemble my first triple: an S2+ with Mtn FET+1 and XP-L HI. I’ve been holding out because it just doesn’t seem practical. But I decided to go ahead anyhow.

In looking around at other triple/quad setups, I think I’ve seen the X6 used but I haven’t found a ton of threads on it. I see that BG has the Astrolux SS on what appears to be a great sale ($38). In its stock form, it looks to be an amazing light. But with that copper section, it looks like it would be a great multi emitter host. Should be able to handle the extra heat a lot longer than an S2+… a bit more practical. What do you guys think? Any experience building one? What parts did you use and where did you get them?

Just search “blf x6 triple” on this forum.

You will find lots of similar photos. Most messages about mods were posted in “What did you mod today?” thread.

Probably one of the most triple friendly lights around with copper boards, heat sinks, and optics readily available for a host with some serious copper mass.

Wow, there are more threads than I thought. I think I was searching for Astrolux SS instead of the X6, probably the reason.

Where is everyone getting their spacers, straight from kiriba-ru?

Kiriba-ru: it looks like you might be out of X6 copper spacers, expect those to be back in stock anytime soon?

Edit: I just read your note here that the SS is slightly different and that you have a few of those available. I suspect I’ll be placing my first order with you in the next day or so!

Between the SS and the Cu it’s a heavy sucker for its size so line your coat pocket with leather.