At last: new AA/14500 3-mode Romisen RC-R5 (XP-G R5)

Just the other day I was thinking it's about time for a new Romisen AA light and now I find this at KD:

Looks very similar to the TrustFire R5-A3 but all black and with a clip. Very classy, I like it.

Pity KD doesn't give us any more info about the modes etc.

I wonder if this is a genuine Romisen or not...

I don't believe in the fake Romisen theory to be honest.

Then you are wrong because clearly all Romisens sold now or in the past by Manafont are 100% fake, just like their fake Solarforces (probably from the same supplier). So are several from DinoDirect as well, for example the RC-C6 reviewed on this site.

And you know this how?

Without the spiky bezel and being hi-med-lo would be an instant buy for me. Several parhaps.

Same here. Also add to that a recessed tailswitch for me.

They only sell one at the moment but it is a fake. Real Romisen’s have anodized threading, for one thing, and that one clearly does not.

Because Romisen Electronic Factory is a real company and they list all their flashlight models, and this doesn't include your recent find, nor does it include the "RC-C6 AA" model currently sold on Manafont.

You can also compare these with other Romisen models sold on DX to see that the fake ones are of lower quality (switches, anodizing).

However, I bought several RC-29s from KD that were all genuine and of excellent quality, so this latest one may not be fake if they sourced it from Romisen directly or from the same supplier.

Quick someone order this to see if it has the modable PIC. I really like this light especially the ghetto rattle can paint job, it's a "Foybezel" away from perfection. The R5-A3 I got from KD yesterday had the modable PIC so chances are this one does to.

Yesterday I ordered one TF A3 R5 from kaidomain, I could cancel the order an buy this one instead, but I guess the chances of getting the modable driver are higher on the A3 R5.

You can always ask if it is the real deal.

I was aware of the lower quality "editions", especially the RC-C6. But they were presented so honestly as lower quality version (Q3 instead of Q5, lq tailcap shown even on DD) and the price difference was big that I was asuming it's just a (more) budget version made by Romisen themselves. The optics look exactly the same as far as I know, and even the clicky rubber (at least on the photos).

They are fake just like the incredible amount of Ultrafire fakes out there.

BTW, exactly all RC-C6 are Q3 (except the shining beam special editions and in exaggerated ebay listings).

Even original Romisens are fake. See if you can find out why. To solve this riddle look at the pic and the description HERE.

What has a Q3 but is labeled Q5 Mister Riddler.

I'm sad to here that .. the fakes are fakes of the fake .. better to get the first run of the fake ,because the fakes of the fakes are bad .

It's probably just a typo on the web page.

No, that's just a model trim number, like "3W" and "5W".

BTW, does anyone have experience with the new Romi's? I have the "classic" ones like rc-29 / rc-g2 / n3, are any of the new ones worth getting?