at least they got the first 4 letters in the name right.

its just off from garbage burial.
which is where these probably came from anyway.

I need some good and cheap cells :frowning:

they are delivered by that garbage barge everyone turns away at the port.

Interesting to see deception tactics in play.
The listing has 650 product ratings, 4.5 stars, but they are for a different item.
The ratings are actually for the bell and howell tac light, and most of them sound fake.
Ive not known people to leave paragraph or longer gushing reviews on ebay,
and every one of them is just that
Quite a divergence from the usual “A Great seller fast shipping”.

I guess after selling through a bunch of flashlights and putting up the reviews, they just changed the title of the listing to these cells, so that they appear to be tried and true.

6000 mAh 18650 cells, but they do not ship to my country too. I should be glad for that :laughing: