At What Point Do You Recycle the 18650?

I have a cheap 18650. Got up to 4.31 V. Time to recycle? It is outside now.

New, cheap cells seem to charge a lot faster than you’d think. Seems to take longer once you’ve used them

I’m not sure about the cell, but I would certainly recycle a charger that goes to 4.31 volts.

4.31v sounds like a charger problem not terminating at the correct voltage not the actual cell

your charger may charge one cell to 4.2v and another to 4.31v if one cell has a very low internal resistance (imr) - but that is a charger problem not a battery problem

but to answer your question i usually recycle my cells when they no longer charge past 4.1v and they have built up a high internal resistance …

Yeah I am getting tired of these chargers. Have several charging boards with 4056 chip coming.

So if it was your battery, you’d use it?

I took it out and discharged it in a light immediately, if that helps. Lowered V

What charger are you using ?

What kind of cell ?

when did you buy it ?

how many cycles .

and do you have a slingshot

Yikes…that is way to high for standard 4.20vdc Li Ions

Worse comes to worse get a simple Xtar MC1 (for $5.95) in the interim

That is a good deal on that charger. Shipping as low as $2.25. It says 500ma input, my OEM phone USB power supply is listed 750&850ma. Will those do?

Using HZM-044D/E. Never charged before. Yellow 3600mah ultra fire yes I may be able to find my old wrist rocket. :slight_smile: will I need it is the question

If it is * fire, my knee jerk reaction is to go to the local dump. And make it disappear.