Attention GearBest Representative. Earned Points. Can I donate them to a BLF member?

Can I donate my earned points to an existing (or new) customer?


Can I convert my earned points to a code that I can give to a BLF member?

I asked last year (prior to points expiration) whether I can “donate” them to a friend. The support ticket answer was no.
Not the same method, but similar principle.

The easiest way is to edit/add the address of the donee in your GB account, order it using your coupons, then click that donee’s address. GB will send it there.

Boaz mentioned I may be able to “give back” my points to GB, in trade for an item or a code for the winner to receive said prize. A give away if you will.
As you see by my post count, I crossed the line. This post being 1004. My intention was to contribute by passing my $20 point value to the lucky winner.
Maybe GB will see this thread and respond.