attiny85 differences

out of the 3 listed, can you choose any version for standard fet+1?


85 with V can work down to 1,8 voltage. SUR- SU to 2.7V. But it works to 2.5V for sure anyway. Both good for driver. Datasheet

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For new projects I’d recommend to start with a tinyAVR 0/1 series controller like the ATtiny 1616. Single wire interface for programming and debugging, more hardware features, overall much more capable and better availability. Downside is the available footprint, which makes it much more difficult to hand solder.

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…and SU vs SUR ?

Too lazy to read datasheet?

Code indicators:
– H: NiPdAu lead finish
– U: matte tin
– R: tape & reel

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noo, only can’t find technical difference

Page 206.

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