Auction #2 (ended)

Hi, if you are wondering what this is about please see this thread .

This is the bidding thread for -

Group 2


Stock, near new, 1× 26650


Stock, CW, condition is getting poor, legs on optic are snapped off, o-ring missing on bezel and I think the driver verges on touching the switch wires.


Copper heatsink, dedomed sst-90, DTP star, 4000k, 9a driver L/M/H, uses 2× 18650, okay condition

Fenix EO1


Trustfire Z2

Stock, it ‘can’ run on a AA but i think the driver is designed for l-ion.

I will not set a minimum price so the first bidder may start as low as they like. I would like to think bidders are offering money to help our friend Old-Lumens, and receiving lights as a reward for their generosity.

End time for this auction shall be 6th July 15:00 UTC. Any bids posted after that time will not count. Any edited posts will not count. I will contact the winner via pm as soon as I can. I will ship out at my cost.

If you have questions about these specific lights you can post here but if you have general questions please post in the other thread.

well I kick this off then


I may see my 1st mod attempt here.



Nice bidding guys. :+1:

Let’s make it 70

Yeah this one is going well!
C’mon a better excuse to get yourself some lights cannot be found, even the most annoyed family member will accept a “buy” like this people!

3hrs left :star:



Congratulations red72w! :partying_face:

Nice pickup red72vw. Do you own a red 72 vw?

I did at one time for a long time. Passed it(sold) along to a fellow bug lover a few years ago. No bugs in the garage right now but always looking. Stoked about the GHFY, it will be my 1st modded light I own. Getting those uncontrollable giggles thinking about it. The wife is really gonna flip when lights start showing up in bunches. Thanks pink panda for the lights and the help you are trying to provide with these auctions.

I have a mate in the US who is a VW freak. It must be in the blood. I went for a walk around his basement last year (first time I’d been in a basement) and the modded stuff he had made just kicking around had me in awe.