Auction #7

Hi, if you are wondering what this is about please see this thread
This is the bidding thread for -
Group 7

Police 3W not even unpacked little flashlight.
It is still in its packaging, so no idea if it works, the ones I unpacked are very weak, an ideal gift for little kids :wink:

Cheapie zoomie, remarkable bright for such a cheap little light.

BLF 348 Stainless Steel NO engraving AAA light.
Nichia LED, just a nice gem.
Used 1 hour tops, as NEW

Olight S10R Baton II
With charging dock
NO CELL (takes CR123 / CR123R / 16340
Got this from X3, bezel is not glued.
Some minor wear, but as new if not inspected very closely.

I will not set a minimum price so the first bidder may start as low as they like. I would like to think bidders are offering money to help our friend Old-Lumens, and receiving lights as a reward for their generosity.
End time for this auction shall be 11th July 13.00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) UTC/GMT +2 hours.
Any bids posted after that time will not count. Any edited posts will not count. I will contact the winner via pm as soon as I can.
Winner of auction pays the amount to the PayPal of pinkpanda3310
I will ship out at my cost.

If you have questions about these specific lights you can post here but if you have general questions please post in the other thread.

Nice Miller. :+1:

I’II start with a bid of $20.00

cool, I said it would be a small auction, tadaa, all small lights!

Great one Miller. I’ll add to the list in the original thread :slight_smile:


The last tenor or something to that effect?


To make it a bit more interesting I could swap the engraving free BLF light with the one my wife has in her purse that has BLF engraving if winner of auction wants that!

An Olight S10R and a BLF 348 for $35? Sounds like a deal to me. Patiently waiting for this auction to end.

Theres a few days to go yet. :+1:

True. I should be keepin it on the down low til then.

Hmm I thought this would be a bit more exciting then it is going now …

I feel the same way. I will be very surprised if 35 takes it home.

6hrs left… :wink:

Well in a few hours we’ll know!

Less than 2 hours. I thought more people would be wanting to help O-L.

Here goes, 40.


40 minutes to go.

red72vw congrats!
PM you now.