Aurora SHO34

My other light finally came in today and im happy with it, brighter then my other one or i just need to charge it back up. Im very pleased with the sample they sent me because usually when you order another light the quality seems to go down but with this one it didnt. There are some minor changes on the new sample as you can see by the pics, but overall im glad it finally came in today.

Does the new one tailstand? It looks like it might. At least I'm assuming the blue GITD switch cover is from the new one.

It does wobbly though, so i would not recommend it.......dont know if you can tell by the pics but the switch boot is a lot bigger then my previous one. Another difference is the tapering of the head where it goes into the lens less steel up there, but other then that it is still a well made light on this sample.

Hey there Al, didn't they change the emitter too? Maybe it's just me but they look different in those pictures.

I think it is just the angle, but Al is sharp-eyed and will be able to tell us. They are both certainly XR-Es later than P4 (Before that the whole of the inside of the metal ring was coated in yellow phosphor, after that just the actual die of the LED.

Comparing to my other R2's the sample that came in today is an R2......on a fully charged cell it is brighter then the one that i already have, which to me is great because i came out good on the led lottery. Im really considering on getting another, since this sample is pretty good.

Maybe Aurora have finally got the idea that you fix any problems with the first batch and make the second batch better.

Well, I can hope.

So can I buddy so can I......


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Now that is just so funny.......thanks guys, you put a big smile on my face.



Good one Admin! :D