[AUS Only] Good for 02/09/2012 - 24 Pack Duracell Rechargeables for $49.99 =DEAL CLOSED=

Hopefully the product is true to the picture, because if it is, that’s $2.08 per duraloop. That is really cheap in my books.

I’ve already got some 30+ eneloops/duraloops, but I still pulled the pin on this one - couldn’t pass up a bargain like this!

EDIT: deal is finished.

Nice one mate. I just bought a few packs of eneloops from Dick Smith online thanks to ezarc. Thanks for the heads up though.

A little update on this deal.

I received the package today. It did turn out that all of the cells are duraloops after all. I’m very please with the purchase.

Now, time to charge them. Luckily I’ve got two Maha MH-C9000…