Aussie-Yank Flashlights Inc. Or how to span the oceans with crazy mods and good BLF friends. All Done

Clean with alcohol and a toothbrush, (in the knurling), mask off with painters masking tape, spray on with VHT caliper paint. In a couple days they will go into the oven at 250 degrees F, for an hour and a half. That hardens the paint. It’s still paint and it will chip at some point, but I don’t have the source or funds for having them anodized, which is what I would really like to do.

^+1 Speechless!

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Thanks for the kind comments guys. I was going to sit back and keep quiet but OL said I’m not allowed to.
Firstly this was originally going to be a 3 way build with ChicagoX involved as well. Unfortunately and I hope he and his family are ok, he has sort of just disappeared.
The work these two guys have done amongst others have been an inspiration beyond words to me to the point I asked Justin and Wayne if they could do me the honour of building a light with me. These lights are a result of that request kindly agreed to by both parties. Unfortunately there is just the two of us this time.
Trust OL when he says this was a long time in the making, it was. My fault. I’ll send OL a PM later with a brief description on what was actually done so that it can be added into the OP.
To keep OL quiet there is another light in the lathe as we speak half finished that will be winging its way to OL in the future.
Thanks again guys and a special thanks to OL for allowing me to build some lights together. :beer: :beer:


Awesome sauce - even before I saw them painted I was thinking of something that would compliment the flame light - just didn’t realize how incredible they would be …

having participated in a couple of across the pond builds….it really is awesome and for me, made the light extra special to me.

These are a massive step up, I cant wait to see them finished, congratulations guys, their a thing of beauty and no mistake.

Simply spectacular, awesome, mind tingling … art, beauty, engineering, all-in-one .
Gee, you are the Michelangelo of the Electronic Torch J) :heart_eyes: :beer: for both of you … just Wow !!!

Sensational !
Aussie-Yank Flashlights Inc. rule.

They look great :)


Beautiful lights guys! Awesome!

Can't wait to see these come together. Fingers crossed an OL auction is in the works!

Nice work you two. The sum is definitely greater… And the parts ain’t half bad.

Wow, this combined effort for this build has really resulted in one of the best builds I’ve seen in awhile. They look so nice and the black paint looks very good too, especially on the knurled part, almost looks anodized. Only thing I would have done different was kept that worn look with the black on teh head. It looked kind of neat, almost as if the light had wear from a lot of use. Can’t wait to see the end product!

+1 Wow!

12-04-13 - I am at a standstill for a few days. I went to my driver/led box and I see that I do not have three of anything, or one of anything else, LOL. I have decided to use three XP-G2 leds in the 3-up light, because I don't want to try to pull 12 amps for three XM-L, so I will do only 6 amps for 3 of the XP-G2. No, it will not be a monster light, but it should be a nice light with the R5 3C leds from IL. Unfortunately, I had to order, so I probably will not get back to these lights until late this week-end. I do have everything for the MT-G2 light and I already have the led soldered on the star and the star soldered onto the heat sink, but now I have to let paint sit for a while and then bake it, so it's still a few days away for either of these lights.

Just a FYI update...

From Steve:

Both battery tubes where shortened to an appropriate length for one or two cells. The tubes were turned down to remove the original knurling. The knurling was only machined in the area that you hang onto the light and some grooves machined into the area where knurling could not be machined.
On the twin battery tube OL has done a good job not taking pictures of it but in one spot there is a very slight hint of knurl left that I could not see in my dimly lit shed. It was not until the tube was polished and pictures were being taken outside that I saw it. At this point I decided it was best left there. (O-L has removed that with some sandpaper). These tubes have plenty of material in them for this. The oring grooves is where the material gets a little thinner.
The single reflector’s head was turned down in the lathe to suit the standard head and bezel to allow the bezel to screw on correctly.
The triple emitter reflector was turned down drill press style (thanks for the idea) for the same reason as above.
The Twin battery tube was threaded as seen from the pics to allow the pill to screw in to get rid of heat.
The tailcaps were made to suit the style. The fat one is for the short tube while the long tube has a smaller diameter.
The reason for the threaded brass inserts which have an o’ring seal was for a descent earth ground. The spring can be soldered to the insert and the insert assembled back into the tailcap.
Back to OL.

Danged near speechless! What on earth can be said about these two beautiful creations in the works! I loved what I seen BEFORE OL went to work on them then ... OH WOW!

There could never be two better guys to team up and do a light project. Both talented beyond belief and willing to put in the HOURS & HOURS that a project like this takes. That finning, knurling, polishing, painting, petting.... that's all time... LOTS OF TIME!!!

What are these called?? A Texas Yankee and an Aussie.... We should have a contest! Yanssie? Auskee? Txausyank?? .... More scotch QUICK!

Thanks guys for sharing your work, methods & talents!!! A hat tip to each of you! BEAUTIFUL... Simply... BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait for the next update.


Thanks Dan. The cheques in the mail for your statement above. It was worth the $50.00 fee you charge. Enjoy the scotch. Lucky we can PM each other here. DNF.

Are these the prototypes for the new line of extremely sexy flashlights soon to be put into production?

I think you would have a record number of preorders, and be occupied into summer filling them all. :bigsmile: