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Thought I'd start a thread for Aussie-based deals although I know there are only a dozen or so active members. Recently bought these two bargains from Element14. Helping hands for $3.30. Discontinued line only 2 left in stock. Taiwanese made, better than the Chinese stuff.

And this Rolson vacuum base vice. $17. Could only find it for $50 on ebay and the like. There have been comments about it not sticking to surfaces but after rubbing my base with 800+1200 wet and dry, it sticks to my timber laminate table for 30+minutes.

Good idea! Subscribed.

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Bloody Good idea mate…, …so I have subscribed…. :beer:
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Still plenty of these available;

Genuine ASUS Laptop battery packs, containing 8*Samsung ICR18650-28A cells.

Excellent idea bud, subscribed


Nice idea :wink:

Yea they’re verified as good cells too.


Actual capacity is around 2600 unless you can charge to 4.3V. Still, quite usable. I scored a pack from the battery bin but normally a single cell is around $5, so even with shipping, this comes out around $3 a cell.

Eneloop Tones ‘UOMO’ 8 x AA Rechargeable NiMH LSD Batteries $19.98 save $20.00 shipping $4.95 at Dick Smith.
Ends 28 July 2014.

Bugger. I just bought eight Turnigys from Hobby King for $44.00. I got tired of waiting for these to come up again. It had to happen.

To add insult to injury, also $19.98 at their ebay AU store.

Thanks Lightsaber! Any reviews of these around?

Eneloops? Plenty, but you can just skip that and buy some. These are the same battery as Gen 3, as they are Gen 3 with pretty outsides. I have two 8 packs of UOMO, and a few packs of Rouge, all Gen 3, they also do a Tropical bunch with shades of yellow and orange. Youre looking at versions with min 1900 or 2000 mAh and 1800 recharges.

The price is good, I got most of mine from DS when they do these silly specials.

Same, 8 packs of glitters, 4 packs of Rouge, 2 packs of tropicos and 5 packs of these Uomos. I don’t seem to buy any eneloops other than whats on special at Dickies

I originally had 0 eneloops, now im drowning in them lol.

You should have asked me, I have tons of unopened eneloop 4 and 8 packs laying around :stuck_out_tongue:

Every time time I find a good deal I feel like I have to buy them, but now I’ve got 100s of batteries I’ll probably never use.

Its a DSE and OzB conspiracy.

You should sell them then! Few years down the track they’ll be wasted.

At first I thought you were asking to buy some but then I had to re read it, if anyone wants some for cost plus postage they can PM me but I’m not really trying to get rid of them but I’d help people out if they need some and they aren’t on sale.

That’s really generous of you ezarc. It’s like combining OzB and BLF spirit in one. Even though I don’t need any I really appreciate you offering people your unopened batteries for cost and postage.