[Australia] Decent 18650 Cells x 4

Due to the restrictions on shipping cells internationally, I can’t really get any decent cells for a decent price. I’m after

-minimal use/good condition/new
–4 cells
-protected preferred
-can supply decent amps (Not doing any crazy modding. but my Shitfire cutout at under 2a and I need something better than that)

Please let me know what you have laying around. Cheers!

I've gone through 20+ packs, if you can find an old one thats never been used you can get some good batteries cheap, and I've found used some used ones that were good, and many used that were a total loss.

Don't pay for used laptop packs, but scrounge around your local computer dealers and see see if you can get some freebies.

Most packs have 2200 - 2400Mah batteries, I have found one (Lenova) with 6 perfect 2600Mah batteries though.

Here's a howto: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?246699-Tutorial-Laptop-Battery-Pack-18650-Extraction

Thanks, I’ll investigate that as a possibility.

These probably violate your decent price requirement, but they really are some of the best performing protected cells you can get: http://stores.ebay.com.au/supersports600/Protected-/\_i.html?\_fsub=3904906018&\_sid=113870678&\_trksid=p4634.c0.m322

Personally I’m happy to pay the premium just for the low-resistance protection circuit.

Option - Have a look around at tool shops for Makita 3ah lion packs. Some places are (or were) running a blowout price since the introduction of the 4ah packs came out. 1 pack = 10 cells at 1500mah that put out big amps. I saw these at my local tool shop for $60 iirc.

Hi aoeu!
I recently got some from fasttech about one or two weeks ago. They shipped about a fortnight before that but I didn’t encounter any issues with receiving them. I got 2 protected sanyo’s and 2 protected samsungs which came to about $20.

If you want to buy locally, I can recommend an eBay dealer who sells protected panasonics and protected samsungs for a slightly higher price but with Aus post you’ll get them within a few days. He’s a great seller and very knowledgeable in regards to flashlights and batteries.

Here is the eBay link

Good luck!

Some one else on this forum mentioned these for Aussie folks.


2 packs plus postage gave me 16 Purple Samsung 2800mAh flatop batteries.
Downside, unprotected but at $2.50 a battery.

Place of origin : Samsung in Korea
Capacity: 2800mAh
Ultra-high capacity and premium built quality

That might do the trick Mazda thanks. Couldn’t find any details/specs on those ?

Dang, 4.3v cells.

I use a nitecore charger and they work fine. Maybe slightly down on capacity stated but quality cell cheap.

see https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/21429

“When only charging to 4.2 volt the battery looses about 220mAh in capacity.”

Between myself & workmates, we must have bought around 10 of these packs.

All of them have come with the cells voltage slightly lower than ideal (~2.75v ) , but all have charged up fine & are holding up well after months of daily use.

ok I might grab them thanks. Only due to my ignorance that I thought 4.3 were some special breed.

These packs seem to have been around for quite a while with the original thread OP saying his pack came at 2.5v.

Any concern with the age and low voltage being damaged?

The batteries were just under 2 volts, which I'd toss if they were from a used pack, but as this was a New, Old Stock battery I charged them to 4.2 volts - measued voltages 30 minutes after charging and again 24 hours after charging and they were at 4.18 volts without any change.

Discharged with hobby charger at 1 amp down to 3 volts, they all have over 2500 mah.

My 4.3 volt charging station (1 cell at a time - must build a 2 cell version) is now busy charging them to the full 4.3 volts.

Banggood and HKE are shipping cells.

Sadly neither of them sell the HE2 or 25r.

Let us know how they go at 4.3v.


+1 for this seller.

Yass is great to deal with and sells a quality product.

Let us know how they go at 4.3v. :beer:

The first one i charged to 4.3v was one of the lower ones, 2486mah at 4.21v (from the i4) and it is 2722mah at 4.32v so about 240mah extra.