Automotive LED forum or subforum?

Been a while since I’ve been here but, is there not a forum/sub-forum for automotive LED bulbs? I’ve been replacing a lot of the incandescent bulbs & headlights in my cars with LEDs. Some LEDs I’ve got were just great and others, not so great. Would be cool to have a place to talk about automotive LED bulbs here! This is funny… I went to the LED Headlight section thinking it would be for automotive LED headlights… Ha! NOT! It was for the LED headlights you wear on your head! ehehehehe

All the automotive forums out there have their own light subforums with a lot more sponsors, knowledge and vendors in the automotive space. It really is a big area to cover. While LEDs as headlamps are available they either don’t have the technical approval for all markets (most European countries require strict technical standards) or the good ones are simply too expensive.
Also, many decent mid-market cars also come with HIDs/Xenon lights; while I don’t want to start a discussion which technology is better - I simply prefer my xenons to LEDs while driving.

I have tried the cheap ebay MT-G2 crees and they were not good enough (risk for water ingress in my case).

One thread here discusses auto bulbs a bit:
Reversing bulbs

Not a lot of activity. Most newer cars are well-equipped for lighting, not too many folks drive a 30 year old one like I do where upgrades are needed. With more activity a specific forum would be nice.


Try opening a thread with the title something like

“Thread for the discussion of automotive LED headlights”

And if it gets a lot of traffic you could then ask sb for a dedicated subforum 8)

Cheers David

I’m interested in a similar topic but would love to see tests and reviews on some of the LED fog lights. I have a few led products from rigid industries but they are expensive. It would be cool to see people testing chinese ones (search LED lights in the automotive section of BG and you get a ton that come up).

I love led lighting and I like the idea of having a lot of potential light shining from my vehicle (I’m a big camper/fishermen and in winter I take my vehicle miles out onto the ice of lake winnipeg so it’s nice having lots of light). I would have thought others would have tried some of the Chinese alternatives to the expensive stuff. Ah well!

Some car forum. I don’t know anybody into headlights anymore. Automotive headlights are too complex these days. There’s so many LEDs. My main lights are on little electric motors that swivel around. One time i reset them while I was parked on an incline and it messed up the whole car it always thought it was going downhill or something idk. I’ll take the engine apart but I just leave the headlights alone lmao