Automotive USB cigarette lighter adaptors

Frustrated in having bought several of these
( prefer those with 3 or 4 usb output ports)
but None can maintain connectivity.
They appear to lose contact with the lighter socket.
The one I’m using now—as an example—often loses contact and therefore cuts
power delivery.
If I use my hand, and physically exert pressure on the adaptor to force it a bit further into the socket—then it will resume drawing power—but unless I hold it—
it still intermittently loses contact.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Has anyone bought a multi-Usb port lighter adaptor that fits the socket securely
enough to maintain constant charging?

I got the same results w couple 12V converters from FastTech. Converter backs out of cig lighter plug when driving car. I plan on rigging a rubber band or sumpin to keep it in for what little time I use it.

I use mine a A LOT, as I am a frequent UBER driver.

I recommend staying with Scosche or Anker brands as they have a great reputation. I’ve used a lot of cigarette lighter plugs over the years and loosening in use is the most common problem I’ve had. If the plug has a grounding spring on one side and it is small enough in diameter you can glue some thin sandpaper on the opposite side for better grip. But generally the best approach is better plugs which in this case means better-made devices since the plug is integrated into the unit. The good stuff provides more power, less RFI, and lasts so much longer than the cheap stuff does that the real economy here is with the good stuff, not the cheap stuff.


Cheap Chinese plugs with wild claims about power output?
Don’t go there.

My findings are diferent. It not matter of making electrical contact.
Those cheap adapter are rated at one amp. They deliver one amp, for the first 30 seconds. After this short period, the chip, the inductor, the Schotthy diode and the output filter capacitor, they all overheat. This, in turn, produce a latch-up in the chip, which looks like power has been cut. The latch-up is reset when you briefly remove input power, which in turn gives the impression you cleared a bad contact.
The maximum current which they provide on continous basis is 300 mA. Good to recharge a MP3 stick, or a cig-alike cigarette (not the eGo).
You can heatsink the 063 (the controller chip) by glueing a copper strip on it with the arctic (thermal) epoxy, and replacing the 68 uH inductor with a larger cored one, which doesn’t saturate with only 300 mA. In this way, you get the full output capability of the 063, which is 600 mA continous.
I use, for my USB devices, the ADJ version of the switching stabiliser in a pentawatt (TO220 with five leads), which provide 2 full amps at 5 Volt without any heatsink, on continous fashion. Can have already on PCB with all discrete parts on the bay for 2-3 pounds. Worth the effort of putting in in a small box, it is truly reliable USB power for not much more.

Very glad I read this. I’m in need and happy to spend more for a couple quality Adapters. Are they readily available and where can it be bought? Thanks

It’s long overdue for the automotive industry to come up with a new standard for a dc receptacle. The cigarette lighter plug must be a hundred years old!

I own a great one, from Anker. 5 ports, 40W.
Same quality as the desktop stuff. But it has been discontinued.
This is the new version :

The automotive industry doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. They could simply add USB power sockets to their cars next to the 12v accessory sockets.

i took mine out and put a pair of powerpoles in a panel housing in place of it.since smoking is forbidden in my home,car,workplace the need for the lighter socket does not exist.
in an afternoon one can convert all their items to these and enjoy much better reliability.i usually leave one but replace with a high quality socket for random stuff i get and have not converted and stuff someone going on a roadtrip with me might own.

check this out

There are so many ways to add power outputs to your car that can be done in an afternoon. My only reason for using the cigar lighter plug is for rentals while travelling. And many of those offer USB power outputs anyway.

The cigar lighter also offers some fairly high current (15A) at 12 to 14 volts that comes in handy for more than just charging an iPad.

The design has been in cars for about a century and I would not want to be the engineer that tries to pitch the idea to change it.


I know Anker is a good brand. I have a Maxboost car adapter that has two 2.4 amp USB ports with a very discrete blue LED to show operation. I have had mine for over a year now and it has never come loose and/or stopped operation once. It is extremely well built and very sharp looking. And the price is very reasonable too.